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Best Portable Gaming Monitor 2021: (13 Best Mini Gaming Screens)

Previously we introduced to you guys the lists of best portable monitors and best USB powered portable monitor. This time we came up with an idea that why not introduce to you the best portable gaming monitor reviews for games lovers.

Everyone has different taste, some are more interested in playing games on PC while some have an everlasting love for consoles like Xbox and PS4.

I am not gonna lie, PC has always been the best choice for gaming but still, there are some gaming enthusiasts that are more into Xbox and PS4. If you’re one of them, then, welcome to the family. I have compiled a list of some high quality and best portable gaming monitors that are designed for Xbox, PS4 and even the ones that are compatible with the laptop are also included in the list. So without taking it further, let’s continue with the portable gaming monitor reviews. should we?

Portable Gaming Monitors Reviews 2021

If you’re a professional gamer, we strongly recommend to check out the Hori Universal HD gaming monitor review as it matches my expectation and I hope it does yours too. In short, the best choice that I made among the list of portable gaming monitor 2021.

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1. Hori Universal HD Review

Hori Universal HD

The next portable gaming monitor that I am about to review for you guys isn’t that beautiful as the one that I reviewed at no#1 but still from inside, I must say, it works at its best. It’s way better than the one that I reviewed in our best portable monitors list. So what are we waiting for? let’s get into the Hori universal HD monitor review. Starting from its design and features. First and foremost, the hori gaming monitor proved itself to be super portable with its lightweight of 3 pounds alongside with the display length of 194mm and width of 345mm with overall LCD 15.6 inches display.

It can easily fit in your bag. The monitor also comes with a leather cover that you can also use as a stand and for portability purpose, all you have to do is to fold the Hori monitor inside the cover and you’re ready to go. Moreover, in the case of gaming, the screen resolution is an important part which the hori monitor offers 1366×768 pixels and it’s great for playing games on high resolutions. The Hori portable monitor comes with offers built-in speakers, the sound quality is good but still, you want to experience some high-quality sounds, I would strongly recommend using the gaming headphones for that. Now you’re worried about the compatibility right? You don’t have to, because the hori portable monitor works almost all consoles including PS4, PS3, XBOX One and XBOX 360. You simply have to use the HDMI to create a bridge. The sole purpose of this Portable gaming monitor isn’t just playing games. You can also use it for office work and many other purposes like photoshop editing etc. Now that all of the things are clear to you, let’s proceed with the performance where I am about to share my personal experience with the hori monitor.

Well to check whether the image quality and the lag-free performance that hori portable monitor is offering, I kicked it in with streetfighter and Guilty Gear. Everything was perfect. No lag during gameplay, absolutely stunning graphics, and accurate colors. The audio was also perfect and clear. I must admit, the best performance delivered by the monitor. Here I have one important tip for you guys. If you want the perfect resolutions, I would recommend setting the native one which is 720p. The reason it’s better is that when you set resolutions at 1080p for hori monitor, things might feel out of focus which is not a great thing to experience. One thing I would like to mention. The portable HDMI monitor doesn’t come with any rechargeable batteries and the speakers on the device are loud enough but as I mentioned earlier, it would be better to use earphones or gaming headset for the ultimate audio experience.

  • Built-In Speakers.
  • Stunning performance.
  • Ready for portability.
  • Easy connectivity via HDMI.
  • Compatible with most of the consoles out there in the market.
  • High resolutions.
  • Accurate colors.
  • Comes with a Leather Cover.
  • AC adapter included in the package.
  • Lightweight.
  • No rechargeable batteries.
  • Low-quality audio.

2. ETTG GAEMS T905 11.6 Monitor Review

ETTG GAEMS T905 11.6

It’s the second time that one of the Hori portable gaming monitors is making taking its place in our list. Hori monitors have always been a great choice for us. So introducing the Hori ETTG GAEMS T905 this time, one of the amazing pick that we made for PS4 gamers. However, to be honest, I am not that impressed with the design but from performance to image quality to display and resolutions, everything is on the top of the line. So without further ado let’s get into the Hori ETTG GAEMS T905 portable gaming monitor review.

ETTG GAEMS T905 is the best portable monitor for PS4 with compact and portable design alongside with LCD screen that can give you the best gaming experience on PS4. T905 is a full HD portable monitor that delivers 1080p display without any lag. Connectivity is quite simple. All you need to do is to connect your PS4 with the monitor via HDMI and you’re ready to go. Moreover, the interesting part is that the Hori monitor has an SCEA license and a year warranty that makes it more reliable and trustful. The audio is also quite impressive. The GAEMS T905 comes with built-in stereo speakers with two sound jacks which are great.

However, as I mentioned at the beginning of the GAEMS T905 portable gaming monitor review, I am impressed with everything except the design, I think the company could have more to offer in regards of the design. But if performance, audio HD quality, and LCD  screen are the things that you’re looking for in a monitor, GAEMS T905 is the best choice to make.

  • Built-in speakers.
  • Tremendous performance.
  • LCD screen.
  • Easy connectivity with your console.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 1080p display.
  • Authorized by SCEA.

  • Design isn’t that attractive

3. G-Story 12.9 Inch Monitor Review

G-Story 12.9 Inch HDR IPS WQHD 1700P


We’re at #4 and yet another best portable gaming monitor, the G-Story 12.9 inches HDR IPS and it’s the best choice we made among the g-story electronics. The monitor comes amazing and cool features that make it perfect for gamers. Let’s jump into it.

The first amazing thing that I would like to mention is the AMD Radeon sync technology that comes with this portable monitor so that you could revel the lag-free gaming experience without any distractions. Not just this one good feature, the G-Story monitor also comes with the HDR technology. This technology has a great impact on the brightness of the screen as it makes the bright pixels on the screen brighter and same is the case with the dark pixels as it also makes them darker. Due to this, it’s classified in the eye-care portable gaming monitors as it helps in protecting your eyesight. Moreover, the display size is 12.9 inches which were larger than the G-STORY 11.6 Inch HDR monitor with the 2560×1700 resolutions. If you have no headsets, doesn’t matter as the G-Story portable gaming monitor comes with the built-in stereo speakers along with two audio jacks having a length of 3.5mm that could give you the ultimate audio experience without any interruptions during multiplayer. The G-Story portable monitor comes with HDMI connectivity. You can make connectivity with any console or device that supports HDMI. AC Adapter is included in the package. However, there is one problem with the monitor that is, you can’t connect it with XBOX one S console as it doesn’t support it at all. You might consider buying it for PS4.

The g-story portable gaming monitor has a quite impressive design that includes a protector which helps the monitor cope with damages and scratches alongside with a stand that is attached to its back for full support. However, the stand isn’t designed for landscapes. You have to use a plan surface in order to keep the monitor in balance. It’s time to wrap up the g-story monitor review. The portable gaming monitor is the best choice for FPS/FTP games which comes with easy connectivity, stereo speakers, HDMI connectivity, Eye-care technology, lag free response time and HD resolutions.

  • Powered with Stereo speakers.
  • Low response time.
  • Crisp and clear image quality.
  • Easy HDMI connectivity.
  • AMD Radeon sync technology.
  • HDR technology.

  • No connectivity with XBOX one S.
  • Should be used on plan surface.

4. Cocopar 13.3″ IPS HD Monitor Review

Cocopar 13.3″ IPS HD

Cocopar 13.3″ IPS HD Portable Gaming Monitor another gaming monitor on the list. As per my opinion, I found it near to OLED gaming monitor. I am personally really satisfied with the use of this portable gaming monitor, as it is giving the quality I was expecting from it. Let’s dive into the review of this beautiful portable gaming monitor. The apparent size of this beautiful portable gaming monitor is 323 x 205 x 15 mm, and the display area size is counted as 293.8×165.3 mm or in other words the screen size is 13.3 inch. Its dimensions are 8.07 x 12.72 x 0.06 inch.

The item weight is 1.39 pounds. It is coming in full HD resolutions of 1920 x 1080 Pixels display technology, in IPS LED. Now here is the interesting part about this portable gaming monitor that is it is working faultlessly for PS3, PS4 if you use it for gaming purpose. It is supporting and working for medical and industrial equipment. It is also working flawlessly for raspberry, car headrest and video audio purposes. Honestly saying about the display quality of this portable gaming monitor is quite satisfactory as compared to other USB powered expansive monitors in the market. I was quite excited when I saw the snap of this lil buddy, and my past experiences were appealingly telling me that this guy is really cool. And the same happened when I set it up and started playing a game on this beautiful invent. Seriously 1080 pixels display on a mini screen, it sounds really great and awesome after a great experience with this buddy. This Portable gaming monitor is astonishingly light and the casing material of this beauty is metal, which is really good news about the quality and finish it has.

When you start setting it up you would most probably be surprised with the tiny buttons on its back and you would feel stubborn to set up your device through these tiny buttons without feeling em. The only complaint you would raise about this portable gaming monitor might be you do not like the inputs gummy out buttons as it feels cheap and might be damaged if touch with something. I personally do not like the ugly stand added to this release. For the cost one cannot beat this bounty in the market as it is in budget and with all new features and specs. It looks like a bit inexpensive but when it comes to display it is giving a massive strike in this quality.

  • Mini Screen with 1080 Display.
  • Low response time.
  • Clear and quality image.
  • Work for Car headrest, industrial and medical equipment.
  • Work for PS3 and PS4.
  • Gives support for Xbox and Raspberry all 3 models.
  • LED HD technology.

  • I Personally do not like the stand added to this release.
  • It looks like a bit cheap.

5. GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment Review

GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

The next one on this list is GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment for XBOX ONE S, XBOX ONE, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360. A really powerful gaming experience while playing this gaming monitor. Let us jump to start reviewing this portable gaming monitor to explore its features and specs to know the whole story.

It would reach you in a nice storage bag that would enable you to keep your controllers, power supplies, and other accessories. This package would include a shoulder strap, sticker kit, and remote. You would receive this item in a tiny small packing with some extraordinary and powerful experiencing gaming qualities. It provides a platform to PS4, Xbox and many more on the list of gaming platforms. Now Gaems Vanguard personal gaming environment portable gaming monitor is allowing to transform any place as your personal gaming environment. Where ever you are your Gaems is providing you the opportunity to play your games anywhere. Just open it, plug it in and start playing with your Gaems Vanguard gaming environment portable gaming monitor.

It is supporting you in giving 1080 EI-LED display on a non-reflective 19 inches’ screen. You would be amazed at the powerful metal-coned chambered speakers installed on this beautiful gaming platform. Its dual output jacks enhance your experience to set up more personal settings for playing games on this spectacular portable gaming monitor. The dimensions of this gaming monitor are 19.75 inches Wide x 7 D x 16.75 inches Height. Well, friends let’s wrap it up with the conclusion, I must say that by having this portable gaming monitor now you are in liberty to play a game anywhere on the go. Where ever you go and want to play a game, plug in your device and start playing on it. It would give a powerful gaming experience as it is providing platform support to PS3, PS4, Xbox One. Xbox one S, Xbox 360. Now your favorite comfort is secured and protected by the rocky armored shell while you are in travel. You can even throw it into your stuff while in transit, it would be safe and unbroken.

  • Provide a Platform for many gaming devices.
  • Low response time.
  • Clear and quality image.
  • Play your game on the go.
  • Remote control and easy to carry.
  • TSA Friendly.

  • No cons observed yet.

6. GAEMS M240 Professional Portable Gaming Monitor Review

GAEMS M240 Professional

GAEMS M240, one of the best portable gaming monitors with 24 inches display and tremendous design. The display is a bit larger than the other portable monitors but I have to say this one stands out than many other devices in the market in regards to gaming. The whole point of GAEMS M240 review is to let you guys have a better understanding of the gaming experience with a device that we had. Let’s continue with the design.

The design itself speaks for itself, I mean with the 24 inches display you’re having a wider screen but don’t make a mistake of comparing it with a typical monitor. There are great differences in the design. The portable gaming monitor is powered with a stand that has the capability to rotate 180 degrees. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the screen’s protection as it’s powered with a plastic protector that prevents the screen from scratches. I wouldn’t classify this in the category of portable monitors as it might be difficult for gamers to carry around with them during traveling or outdoors activities but as the M-240 professional gaming monitor still follows the portability trend, I thought let me review it for you guys. But with the 20W x 6.8D x 15H and 8lbs weight, I think it would be easy for an average person to carry. Anyhow, let’s jump straight into its features. Well, the features are quite impressive. The M240 professional gaming monitor is powered with the TN-Panel due to which you will experience a crystal display alongside with 1080×1920 pixels resolutions. The hue saturation is quite impressive as I was able to see every title crisp and clear during different gameplays.

Let’s discuss the performance of GAEMS M240 in default settings. Well, I wish the portable gaming monitor was a bit brighter as it appeared a dim as soon I switched it on. The colors were not that perfect at the beginning but as soon turned on the warm color temperature option, I was able to see everything perfectly. Well, the M240 is a good companion for beating your opponents in the PUBG game. Everything seemed quite responsive to and even I was able to hear the gunshots from the far distance. I must say the audio is just tremendous. Moreover, the lag-free performance is also important and the GAEMS never upsets on that. I tried it with XBOX One and PS4 the results were incredible. I have a problem with the connectivity as the m240 monitor has no support for USB ports and I have to use HDMI option only for streaming. The device is fine but I think the USB connectivity must an option. Same is the case with the  GAEM G155 personal gaming environment, as you would be bound to connect with HDMI only.

  • Best audio quality.
  • Lag-free performance.
  • HD resolutions.
  • HDMI connectivity.
  • Rotatable stand.
  • Large Display for an ultimate gaming experience.
  • Powered with TN-Panel.
  • No USB ports.
  • A bit dim.

7. Newsoul 13.3 Inch Review

Newsoul 13.3 Inch

When it comes to select the portable monitor and that too for the gaming experience, we need a kind of device that works flawlessly. And the word, portable, falls under the certain meaning of having the graphic-rich monitor to the size (and weight) that is easily carry-able. So, here we come up with the Newsoul‘s 13.3 inches monitor that is exclusively designed as per the demands of gamers which they commonly seek and expect from a monitor. To start with that, it comes loaded with the touchscreen portable monitor to give the gamers the unique experience to play the games and operate the characters direct from their screen.

Comes with the convenience of added connectivity to make the connection with various devices such as Raspberry Pi 3+, Ubuntu, Switch, Laptops, Xbox One and more using the HDMI ports as well as USB Type-C. Loaded with the built-in dual speakers and a port to integrate the headphone, all of your 10 fingers can simultaneously work as the touchscreen monitor as soon as you connect it through PD, Type-C, and HDMI ports where you can operate the games right through your fingers. That is quite the brilliant gaming experience one could have!. Performance-wise, it has numerous but best technology adopted to show you just the brilliant visuals which the games do require from the monitor (and this Newsoul portable gaming monitor is no different than the primary monitors!)

Starting from having the full HD display being fitted with the IPS screen that gets you to avail the resolution size of up to 1920 X 1080 with a refresh rate of 60 Hz to view the animated visual content without the flicker or breaking the images. The standard aspect ration of 16:9 does not make you feel you are staring at the low-sized portable monitor because it lets to best fit the visual content to emit the best quality. 72 percent of the NTSC with a contrast level of 700:1 delivers the best and smooth display effect which you definitely need for playing the graphic-intensive games. Nevertheless, it is going to be your best investment for upping your gaming experience!

  • Best screen display due to adopted in-demand technology.
  • Touchscreen-enabled monitor.
  • Screen needs to have remained clear of fingers’ stains.

8. Prechen Portable HDMI Monitor Review

Prechen Portable HDMI Monitor

This compact portable HDMI monitor is surely the best buy due to its size which your gamer kids can enjoy playing with. Prechen his this portable HDMI monitor designed specifically for the go-to purpose due to its lowered screen size of up to 11.6 inches but loaded with the best technology despite its small size.

Enjoy the gaming experience to its fullest through its full HD IPS screen that takes you to get to the resolution level of 1920 x 1080 to view the visual content to its deepest details. And the 178 degree of the viewing angle works best for the multiplayer even it is just 11.6 inches in the size and no blur or faded visual would show to both gamers.

Different ports that enable the connectivity mode of this Prechen HDMI portable monitor as it comes with the VGA and HDMI ports and the 3.5mm audio input to jack up the external speakers. With these many of the connecting ports, it is suitable to be used with the latest devices such as PS 3/4, WiiU, Xbox 360, Raspberry Pi of the latest versions to enhance your gaming experience. Take it anywhere with you and easily hang it through the metal bracket to fit according to your desired height. All in all, Prechen has this brilliant portable gaming monitor that indeed is cost-effective and totally portable without experiencing any hurdle.

  • Works with many latest devices through the enhanced connectivity ports.
  • Cost-effective gaming portable monitor.
  • Low-sized screen.

9. SunFounder Portable HDMI Gaming Monitor Review

SunFounder Portable HDMI Gaming Monitor

Here we have this exclusive portable gaming monitor presented by SunFounder. Its 13.3 inches of screen delivers the best gaming visuals which you expect from the monitor and would feel the portable gaming monitors would be a little different than the typical monitors, but this one is NOT! Loaded with the extreme latest and viable technologies such as full HD panel fitted into its 13.3 inches screen ready to deliver the best gaming experience through its 1920 x 1080 resolution to glance the content without the breaking or flicker of pixels.

Crafted with the aluminum frame and the two built-in speakers to provide the high-end qualitative of audio which acts as the perfect portable monitor solution during the travel without the need of jacking up any external devices/components. Enjoy the enhanced connectivity to make it to work with various kind of devices through its two HDMI ports and its 3.5mm of headphone jack but that is not it, the monitor also delivers the prestigious quality of brightness, color, contrast with the added sharpness to play the ultimate graphic-rich games by hooking it up with your PS 3/4, desktop PC, Modell B/B+, Raspberry Pi, and more with the full HD quality content via its viewing angle of 177 degrees.

Being designed just with 15mm thin, it is going to easily store under your briefcase or duffel without covering much space and the lightweight would not trouble you during the check-in process of airports. So, what more you are meant to expect from this SunFounder Double HDMI portable gaming monitor? Well, it is backed by the mechanism to get it powered on using any of the good power banks or through any external battery. Now on to the pricing part and it falls under the category of inexpensive portable gaming monitor which would not let you regret.

  • Comes with two HDMI ports for good connectivity option.
  • Totally lightweight.
  • Works with notable devices.
  • Mildly expensive.

10. Cocar 15.6″ Portable Monitor Review

Cocar 15.6″ Portable Monitor

Wanting a big screen when searching up for the best portable gaming monitor, we have it for you! 15.6 inches of the screen is the size of this portable monitor that is offered by Cocar loaded with the IPS panel with full HD display that is achieved by the resolution of 1920 X 1080, the standard size of having the IPS display panel and it would break the pixels despite its bigger screen size. With the backlight being from the W-LED type included with screen ration to deliver the near-to-realistic viewing experience.

Are you thinking about one important aspect of this particular monitor just because it has a big screen size of 15.6 inches? Yeah, you would be as it would be wide enough as well that cause much trouble in carrying it/storing in your briefcase. Believe me, it would not. It is just one of the super slim (or thin) portable gaming monitors that are ONLY 5mm thin and weighs just about 760 grams and you would not feel any weight when packed within your briefcase or travel duffer. That is a good weight (and the size) that is going to save good bucks when boarding over the flight.

Compatible to work with the latest devices, starting from a DVD player, PS4, PC, laptop, and the Xbox, thanks to the dual HDMI ports. And then you would not find the need to jack up the external speakers as it comes with two louder speakers and the 3.5mm audio output to insert the headphones for watching the movies or playing the games on the go. Good price for the good size! And that is what the Cocar presents to you! Made with a pure aluminum alloy frame and the back case which makes it one lightweight portable gaming monitor around the market! Never you will regret having this one best gaming monitor that is this big! 🙂

  • The good screen size of 15.6 inches.
  • Made with a durable alloy frame.
  • No cons found yet.

11. Virzen 15.6″ Portable Gaming Monitor Review

Virzen 15.6″ Portable Gaming Monitor

Now comes the turn again of the one bigger screen sized of the portable gaming monitor with 15.6 inches of screen which emits the best visuals through its IPS full HD display with the extended level of screen resolution of 1920 X 1080. Integrated with the two USB-C cable ports to instantly plug and play the monitor where one port relates to Thunderbolt 3.0 as well as one USB 3.1 ports for your convenience to be hooking up to different and various kind of the devices that start with Mac Mini, mobile, Raspberry Pi, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo and PS4.

More improved visual content can be experienced with this Virzen 15.6 inches of screen size with the 60 Hz refresh rate, brightness to up to 260CD/M2, a contrast ratio of 16:9, and sRGB of 100 percent to the contrast level of 800:1.

No matter wherever you go and this portable gaming monitor is going to be traveling with you due to its slim and compact design that accounts for 0.3 inches of profile and just about 1.76 pounds along with 15.6″ screen is an easier task to get along with you on travel. Let’s play the brilliant games on this big screen-sized portable gaming monitor and enjoy the kinda different viewing experience! 🙂

  • Leather cover/case for the immovable and sticky experience.
  • Designed according to the lightweight aspect.
  • Works with almost all of the latest devices.
  • Built-in speakers are not much loud.

12. Thinlerain 15.6″ Portable Gaming Monitor Review

Thinlerain 15.6″ Portable Gaming Monitor

Thinlerain presents us with the big screen portable gaming monitor with the size of 15.6 inches loaded with the full HD IPS LCD panel that brings us the best viewing quality through its resolution setting of 1920 x 1080 whereas the HDMI format can take you to up to 720p to 1080p with the refresh rates to 50 ~ 60 Hz.

And the contrast ration of 800:1 shows the visual content with the life-alike quality mixed up with brightness level of 350 cd/m2 and the aspect ratio of 16:9 with NTSC color gamut of 72%; all of them are the pure ingredient of delivering the highest quality of visual and animated content that should be the core reason of why the gamers love this thinlerain portable gaming monitor.

The outer casing that is made with the aluminum that makes it one lightweight or better say the ultra-slim due to being just 9.5mm thin. Hook it up via USB-C type or the HDMI to make it work with MacBook, notebook, laptops, Raspberry Pi, Xbox One and 360, Nintendo, Playstations, and more. That indeed is going to be your one good selection of the portable gaming monitors!

  • Lifelong warranty to keep your investment safe.
  • Labeled the best external portable gaming monitor.
  • A bit expensive portable gaming monitor.

13. Lepow Portable Monitor Review

Lepow Portable Monitor

Portable monitors are really no different than the normal or the typical type of monitors. They are equally alike the primary monitors that you have been using for years. The portable monitors for the core purpose of gaming should be taken as the extra and use-on-go kind of monitor that you can take advantage of during the travel/outing time. Literally staring over the smartphone is the hardest task that you can go through for even half an hour and your eyes would start feeling the pain, turning reddish, or itching.

So and for the same purpose, here we come up with Lepow-made portable gaming monitor that has the big widescreen with the size of 15.6″. Enjoy playing your best graphic-rich games using is wider resolution of 1920 x 1080 that has the full HD and IPS screen installed along with USB-C type and the HDMI to make it hook up with Mac, smartphones, Xbox, PS4, laptops, Switch, Nintendo, and more.

Also, it comes with the durable and long-lasting PU leather cover to keep your monitor safer to place and that can be used as the folding to lie the monitor down or erect, whichever way you want your monitor to fall under. So, do NOT just stare. Have it! 🙂

  • Embedded the screen protector to greatly protect the screen from any mishaps.
  • Included with smart cover for comfortable placing.
  • Slim up to 0.3 inches and hence it becomes the total convenience to pack it up into your briefcase or travel duffel.
  • A little on the expensive side but it becomes one best portable gaming monitor that you truly enjoy.

Wrapping Up Everything

Best portable gaming monitor reviews are conducted in order to have you the best monitor pick out there in the market and to let your confusions go away. The portable monitors mentioned above are the top picks from the market that provide the expected specs and features. The design side of some monitors might not be impressive for you guys but we strongly recommend to check out the G-Story 12.9-inch portable monitor which is at #4 of the list and is attractive in design plus features and specs.

If you have anything to share, you’re free to contact us or writing your idea or any query in the comment box. Of course, we’re always here to respond. Good luck!

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