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MPOW H5 Wireless Headset Review

Mini Verdict: In Mpow H5 Review we would reveal its great over-ear structure. It is a pair of nice design headphones that’ll take your listening experience to a whole new dimension with its full HD sound. It’s comfortable and what more interesting is that the H5 offers both Bluetooth and cable connectivity options. Active noise canecellation (ANC) is another story.

  • Super high-quality audio.
  • Foldable and attractive design.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Bluetooth and cable connectivity options.
  • Equipped with top of the line features.
  • Comfortable on ears.
  • Drains battery more faster on ANC.
  • The only option of USB for recharging.

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mpow h5 headset reviewI would like to reveal the most affordable best wireless headphones under 50 that would take your listening experience to a whole new level. Not just this one fact, it has this nice comfortable feel to it even when you’re into prolong gaming or music sessions. Moreover, with the MPOW H5 wireless headset, the connectivity is not limited to Bluetooth only. I am impressed with the sound quality and most sensitive mic on the MPOW H5 headphones. The multi-use of this pair is making it more appealing and with over the ear design, the H5 wouldn’t even allow you to hear the distracting sounds.

Keep in mind, the low-end price tag for such blazing and quality features is what makes the MPOW h5 actually one of the best wireless headphones under 50 with Bluetooth connectivity and active noise-cancellation capacity. In over-ear headphones, you would not be able to find out such quality of sound which MPOW h5 is offering.

Now I am not saying that all of the Headphones doesn’t offer such high-quality audio. Of course, they do, but are you willing to leave more bucks on the table for the same features? No right? So here’s the affordable headphones from MPOW that I tested for you. Let us find out what is coming in the box.

MPOW H5 Over-Ear Headphones review

Before jumping into the review I would add the unboxing of MPOW H5 Wireless headset. When I received the package I was excited to unwrap it quickly. The tests took three days in the row to know the real value of this pair. I tested it on the noise-cancellation benchmark, battery life test, performance test, and the sound isolation test. That said, let me give you the detailed review of the MPOW H5 over the ears headphones. Before getting my hands on reviewing I would also like to introduce some other headphones from Mpow.

Unboxing The Package

MPOW H5 review would reveal the detailed authentic information about the product. After unwrapping, I found a nice black headset of MPOW h5. It was pretty good to find the user-friendly manual to know how to operate the pair. You would find a step by step guide for using the h5.

mpow h5 headphones unboxing

Every single button and aspect of the pair is mentioned on the manual with numbering to make the guide easy to understand. It will guide you to how to turn it on and off and the Bluetooth connectivity steps. Especially you would learn the connectivity procedure as it says that you need to press the Bluetooth button on the left earpiece.

You should know that for turning on and off the headphones, the Bluetooth button is there to keep the device on. The package is also offering a connectivity cable for Aux-in where Bluetooth connectivity is not available. There is also a switching button of AC input on the right ear-piece. You would get a USB connectivity cable for recharging the battery.

A nice pouch to protect the pair in grey color made of a soft material of high quality. The first impression is really incredible during unboxing the package. You would have an impressive over-ear wireless headphones pair with the great build quality and husky design.

MPOW H5 Specifications

It is offering an operation range of 10 meters, and 30 hours of talking time without ANC as per the claims of the company. The playing time is also claimed 30 hours without active noise cancellation. You would need to recharge it for 2 to 3 hours for a complete experience. The charging voltage is recommended as 5V DC, with the USB cable.

MPOW H5 Wireless Headset Design And Features

Getting into the discussion of this beautiful pair of over-ear Bluetooth headphone I would first reveal the design of this massive beauty. No doubt it is one of the best Bluetooth headphones under 100. You should know that this is the upgraded model of MPOW H series. The style is over-ear and the noise-cancellation is coming active on it.

mpow h5 design

It has a build quality with soft and great material. The pair is coming in a husky design made in foldable adjustment. I would recommend the pair to the small ears guys and girls because when I wear it I noticed something on it. That something is it fitted pretty good to my small ears. The guys with big ears would get some issues with comfort.

The noise cancellation is extremely incredible. If I say it is one of the best workout over-ear Bluetooth headphones as in a gym session I didn’t even felt that the person beside me was asking me something. When he touched me I could respond at that time. So a practical experience is far better than hearing from around.

Battery Life

The average battery life rating reaching 19 hours as compared to the old version from MPOW the improvement on battery life is visible. For MPOW h5 Review we tested the pair with the gameplay sound connected to a gaming laptop which proved that wireless headset was able to reach 26 hours in a single charge. It was the best gaming experience and the verdict would not be wrong that the pair has the value to call best over-ear gaming headphones.

For adding more information to MPOW h5 review I tested the wireless headset for music playback experience as well. The battery life could reach 19 hours with a single recharge. We recharged the battery after gameplay tests. During the music playback, I experienced an incoming call on my Galaxy S9+. You should know that the volume and bass were on top of the food chain.

I would suggest you hear the sound on lower volume as it could hurt your hearing. The average battery life is 22 hours. By the results, it can be easily derived that the battery life could reach one full day with a single recharge.

MPOW H5 Controls And Adjustment

On the left earpiece, you would find three buttons and a mini USB connectivity port. Volume control buttons with plus and minus signs and Bluetooth icon button for power on and off. The Bluetooth button has a small LED light with blue and green lighting to notify the headset. A nice sound playback of a lady with saying your device is connected now sounds pretty cool. You would also hear the same lady when you turn it on, and on turning off.

mpow h5 headphones controls

The right earpiece of this beautifulĀ best workout headphones over the ear pair you would find ANC switch button. Don’t confuse what is this on the right earpiece. It is an active noise cancellation switch button that is enabling you to hear the more clear and isolated sound. By switching the knob you would feel the difference of sound hearing. It was a nice experience of hearing this pair. Such customized upgrades on this pair have the next level of sound hearing experience in affordable price.

Both of the earphones are foldable and could adjust easily to your ears. There is a drawback which needs to be improved. I did not review [easyazon_link identifier=”B076W29YZS” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”leopards0a-20″ cart=”n” localize=”y” popups=”n”]Mpow h8[/easyazon_link], so I am unable to give comparison information. I am expecting the company would give special attention to fill this gap. The gap is that there is no option to wide the adjustment for big head guys. Also, the over-ear headphones have a fixed limit that normally all the headphones have. But, it is designed for small ears, so the big ears guys would face some issues with comfort in wearing it.

MPOW H5 Performance

I tested many headphones and earbuds with wireless and wired connectivity. The wired connectivity had a different experience. In the recent past, the wireless headphones were not so popular among the guys due to poor sound quality and connectivity issues.

But now it is past, the innovative improvements in the wireless headphones made a trend of Bluetooth connectivity. Every passionate one got rid of the annoying cables. In gym workout session especially when you have a wireless pair the convenience is visible.

Sound Isolation

I was listening to some nice musicĀ in our tech lab to test these over-ear headphones for music playback. Meanwhile, I got a call from a friend, auto switch to the call was an incredible experience. Here is something more excited about it, during the call my friend asked me which phone I have. I smiled and put a question of why is she asking. She replied that she could hear the ticking sound of my labs’ wall clock.

mpow h5 audio quality

Can you imagine the sensitivity of the mic onboard? Such appealing features are making it worthy to keep for a better sound experience. If I say It is the most affordable wireless Bluetooth headphones with mic which has the worth to prove its claims.

The noise-cancellation features it offers are really awesome. As I already mentioned about the ANC (active noise cancellation) button on the right earpiece would make you able to switch the function on and off. It has a strong bass to give the beat of the heat. You would be amazed to hear that it would ignite the spark of motivation to increase your energy during the workout.


One of the best workout headphones that could possibly beat some really expensive pairs on the market with the same specifications and features. The affordable price is making it more attractive. After testing it I can easily say that it has the value to keep at any occasion including gym sessions for the workout with isolated sound experience.

The best wireless workout headphones that would take your experience to the next level. When you wear it the over-ear headphones would not allow external noise when it fits around your ears. The ANC would add an extra value to the noise cancellation option to make it more isolated sound hearing experience.

What I like

I really like the active noise cancellation features and it really works pretty well. You can feel the difference when you switch off the option by the ANC button. Well, if I say that the comfort level is great when you have small ears like me. The long battery life is adding some more value to the pair. How could I forget about the Aux-in cable as an extra option when you don’t have Bluetooth connectivity source. The build quality is durable and visibly improved. If you compare it with the old version H4 you would find a visible change.

What I Do Not Like

Well, I would mention the dislikes for you to give you a clear picture of the product. The drained battery made me upset. After scrutiny about how the battery juice finished, the ANC was put on even the headphones were not connected with any device. To keep your battery safe you need to turn off the ANC. You would have only one option to recharge it with 5w USB, some attention should be paid here to make it universal.


It was a great experience on both the gameplay and music playback. If you are planning to get a wireless headset that is pocket-friendly and could offer the specs and features which other high price Bluetooth headphones are offering. You found the exact match as per your priorities and needs. It would not let you beat on the performance side. The ANC features are the best one and it really works. When I tested it for gameplay with ANC I felt like I am myself playing in the game due to the clear and isolated sound effects. Switching to calls while connected with your smartphone for music or gameplay is convenient and effortless.

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  • I own these headphones but lost the manual a while back. After hours of fruitless searching for a pdf of it online I was wondering if you knew how to mute and unmute the headphones? Right now mine is stuck on mute somehow and I can’t find the correct buttons to unmute it. Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hey Susie Blackthorn! let me check it, frankly, I don’t know how to unmute it, let me check its options. I will get back soon hopefully with a solution.

    • hey Susie, connect you MPOW H5 with Bluetooth to your laptop and the volume control buttons on the left of the headset with + and – signs would make you able to unmute and mute. Hopefully, this could work on your part.