Iphone X Camera Review | Explained in Detail

iPhone x camera specs are not a lot different than the iPhone 8 plus. In fact, this new version Apple brought in 2017 has the same dual 12 megapixels rear cameras as found in the iPhone 8 plus version and yet iPhone is the first smallest smartphone that comes with two sensors.

iPhone X Camera

The wide-screen camera on the iPhone x has the coolest upgrades this time. The optics on the camera are stabilized this time with an f/1.8 aperture as seen in other iPhones released in 2017. Not just this one upgrade, this time the camera comes with a wide aperture of f/2.4 as it was f/2.8, one of the coolest iPhone x camera features. Unlike the other iPhones, these two upgrades make it a real beast in low-light conditions.

iphone x camera
The photo was taken with iPhone x dual rear camera.
Iphone x camera review
The photo was taken with iPhone x dual rear camera. (we enjoyed every moment this camera).
picture taken with iphone x rear camera
Rite Aid was a nice place thou.

Apple confessed, even more, they said we have re-built the sensors from scratch and this time there are faster and larger than found in previous smartphones from Apple. The ISP(image signal processor is also added to have colors and textures in a much better way.

The Images Results

The photos taken with iPhone x main camera are quite impressive but can’t be compared with Samsung’s cameras as they have an excellent and awesome dynamic range and colors. But they are comparable with google pixel 2 and Huawei’s phones as the pictures are as good as these smartphones.

There wasn’t a moment where this camera on the iPhone X made me feel bad about the pictures. The colors saturation is on top of the line. It has a high level of capturing crisp and clear images with low noise and overexposing the light sources isn’t an option here for this camera. In short, a camera is an excellent option for capturing landscapes and the best experience would be if you’re on vacations or holidays with your friend and family.

Secondary Camera

The secondary camera is enhanced and has the portrait mode too as previously found on iPhones. With the addition of OIS mean it enables you to have some great portraits having brilliant results even if the light condition is poor, which is the fun fact about the iPhone x camera.

The range of the lighting options is quite unimpressive as it adds some extra effects and makes your photos look a bit odd. But to overcome this problem, the new contour lighting option is added to the camera which makes your photos and images look fine by adding some extra light on your face and make your photos look good.

iPhone x Front camera selfies

Iphone x camera portrait mode iphone x front camera picture with iphone x front camera

Another coolest option is the “stage light. What this option does is it cuts the background from the person in the picture and turns it into the black. The camera feature is great but I think it’s not accurate and doesn’t look that great. The reason is, you won’t find your shadow on the picture after applying this feature plus the cutout part are not always accurate. In-fact this feature needs lots of improvements.

The Video Quality

The video capture on the iPhone x camera is ridiculously awesome. Which means you can have a nice 1080p video with slo-mo effect at 240 fps and 4k at 60fps. The iPhone 8 was the first one to have this feature. Now iPhone x also joined the fray alongside with other smartphone companies like Samsung. Just like they did in Galaxy S9 and LG did it in G7. There aren’t compatibility problems on the 4K 60fps. But still, we recommend switching to HEVC format before going with 4k 60.

Mini verdict: iPhone x camera features upgrade is something new on the iPhone’s world. In-fact it delivers the great effects that everyone would wish in the camera. Everything is on top of the line except one of the thing that I didn’t like was the lighting option. Range issue which the Apple would probably minimize on their upcoming upgrades.




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