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IPhone X Battery Life Review & Comparison With Other Smartphones

Iphone x battery The iPhone X is Apple’s $1,000 smartphone that “revolutionized” the mobile market; being the first to feature an infinity display, it was also the first Apple smartphone to have OLED display panels.
While the iPhone X can be considered the highest-end pocket-sized device sold by Apple at the moment, it’s also their most innovative phone yet, with a slew of new quirks, gadgets, and features, it shook the smartphone market when it came to design and performance.Whatever the case may be for the iPhone X performance and features wise, there’s always a topic most iPhone users will need to talk about first; what about the iPhone X battery life?

iPhone X Battery Specs and relative smartphone batteries

We tested each of the above phones under normal usage, under equal conditions and reviewed them new, out of the box. For the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8, even though the battery is better on paper, it lasts significantly less than the iPhone 8, 8+ and iPhone X.

iPhone X and relative smartphone battery times

 Recharging the iPhone X Battery

After we discharged the iPhone X from 100% to 0% (until it shut off automatically), we observed that the recharge time was slow. We know for a starter that the iPhone X does support fast charging, but the observed numbers told a very different story.

Here are some of the recharging rates we observed with the iPhone X and the default 5W charger (included in box) and the $50 29W USB Type-C adaptor and $25 USB-C to lightning converter cable:

Compared to the Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8+, the recharging rate is around twice as high; all three of the Galaxy smartphones come with fast charging right out of the box and the recharge times from 0% to 100%.

If you’re going for the iPhone X, then you should pretty much know how horrendous the charging situation is. The discharge times are excellent, and can easily last you a whole day in school, at the office or during an outing; however, using it between charge (without the fast charging setup) is a hassle and very slow.

If you do opt-in for the Fast charge solution (or go for an after-market fast charger for the iPhone X). The charging times are actually pretty good (on par with, and often times better than Galaxy counterparts).


The iPhone X Battery is not the biggest spec on the market. But the phone does support wireless charging and fast charging.

The downside is, you will have to spend an additional $75 on a USB Type-C adaptor + USB Type-C. You would need it for a lightning adaptor or you won’t be able to fast charge the device.

Recharge rates without the fast charging solution are terrible. It can be more than 3 hours for a 0% to 100% charge.

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