Best USB Drive 2021: (10 Best USB Flash Drives Reviewed)

Imagine you have important data on your PC, you don’t have a backup for that and your PC stops working for any reason. DONT GET PANIC! There are many resources for backup but I think to this day nothing can replace the best USB drive. The question is why are flash drives popular. why would companies like Kingston, Corsair, SanDisk, and Lexar still offer the best USB flash drives with tons of space when we have the convenience of cloud storage.

The first reason is, with the help of the best USB flash drive you don’t only backup your data. Its portability allows you to transfer your data from one PC to another easily. The second reason is, you don’t have to download tons of data from cloud storage when you have the best USB flash drive. For downloading the data you need tons of internet and it is not possible everywhere you could have that facility. So the best USB thumb drive has a higher worth in such situations when the internet is not available.

Best USB Drives (2021) List

  1. SanDisk Extreme Pro – Best Encrypted Flash Drive
  2. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive – Best Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad
  3. Kingston Data Traveler Vault – Best USB Flash Drive 3.0
  4. Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth – Best 64GB USB Drive
  5. Kingston Data Traveler SE9 G2 – Best Mini USB Flash Drive
  6. Corsair Flash Voyager GT – Best Flash Drive for Gaming
  7. Samsung USB 3.0 Flash Drive duo – Best 2 in 1 USB Flash Drive
  8. Transcend Jetflash 790 – Best 32GB Flash Drive
  9. Mushkin Enhanced Ventura Plus – Best for All Operating Systems
  10. Sony MicroVault 32GB – Best Read and Write Speed

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Best USB Drive Reviews 2021

1. SanDisk Extreme Pro

SanDisk Extreme Pro

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Loaded with the 3.1 version, the extreme performance-giver USB drive and to the size of 128GBs capable to store the good load of data, and that is what SanDisk Extreme Pro solid-state flash drive is meant! having the reading speed of up to 420MB per second and the writing to up to 380MB per second; the combination of both can provide you enough data to fully load this USB drive within the minutes-long time frame.

Casing made with the durable and ever-lasting aluminum metal to withstand the jerks, pushes, and the heat and transform its design to match with the latest trends the most computer-objects demand. And not just the build but the software which made the SanDisk Extreme Pro to power up by integrating SanDisk SecureAccess to so protect the privacy along with 128-bit AES encryption methodology.

Did you lose the data accidentally? That is not a problem as you can easily retrieve all of ’em through the help of RescuePRO Deluxe Software. And the compatibility wise, it easily hooks up with USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports without the alternation to support the old-dated devices and enjoy the enough of the swift speed to handle the data.

  • Faster speed made possible with 3.1 USB technology
  • Fully encrypted data with 128-bit AES
  • Compatible to work with all latest and outdated USB ports of devices
  • Careful and do not thrust or it will break

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2. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

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There is the common misconception found in the minds of many techy and even the non-techie folks that the USB does only work with connecting to the full-fledged USB port of a smart TV, laptop, or the computer, and some other devices like home theater’s speakers, or the stereo systems installed in the car. But that is not right! There is a kind of USB drive that is designed to work ONLY with the iPhone and the iPad which requires just a plug-and-play.

Our this sole pick into the list of the best USB drive, SanDisk iXpand flash drive is named the ‘best flash driver for iPhone and iPad’ because it is — the loop-styled and designed with the connector on the tip fits to connect to iPhones and iPad. Use it to put the load off the phones to use as a backup to store your most-loved and the important pictures, documents, and anything that you cannot leave hanging on the phones.

Comes with the storage size of 128GB, now you need not worry about the data filling up your phone as this SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive will take care of it! The moment you connect this iXpand flash drive, you will be asked to set up the automatic back up that is as simple to press up and down a few selections, and you are done. And the Shoot Direct function allows you to take the picture and video and save them directly into the USB storage.

  • The best flash drive for iPhone and the iPad
  • Backups automatically as soon it connects
  • Helps to keep your phones’ storage clean
  • Recovers the lost data
  • When connected, your iPhone and iPad cannot charge

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3. Kingston Data Traveler Vault

Kingston Data Traveler Vault

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Finding the best USB flash drive in the version of 3.0 is NOT a tough of the task when you are reading this. Kingston, the leading name in the storage industry, presents us with Data Traveler Vault that is fully equipped with the touchest security protocols which includes 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption within the XTS mode. That makes sure the data is 100 percent secured and applied with complex password protection that is hard to break.

And what more to expect from this tiny 8GB Kingston Data Traveler Vault? Well, the pure peace of mind of getting it locked and the built-in system to reformat the USB after 10 failed intrusion attempts. So it can be used to keep your most-sensitive data which you cannot leave hanging anywhere with its anti-virus protection delivered by ESET to avoid getting hit from the malware.

Enjoy to fully manage it when using on the server for the IT professionals where you are provided with the administration and management tools using the SafeConsole technology and making it a complete customizable unit, to get to work with fulfilling the internal corporate IT needs through serialization of numbers, logo, and the customized product identifier to run along the management software by keeping them white-listed.

  • Loaded with powerful encryption of 256-bit AES
  • Auto-reformats after 10 failed intrusion attempts
  • Manageable
  • Best for keeping the sensitive data
  • Anti-virus protection from ESET
  • Bit pricey

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4. Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth

Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth

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Crafted with the aircraft-grade aluminum to house this exclusive heavy-duty Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth and intact with an EPDM water seal to go with you in the deep ocean to the dive of up to 200 meters. And that is the reason it is labeled to be the survivor stealth because of being shock and vibration-resistant.

The total of 64GB in the size and having loaded with 3.0 technology ensures you have a good load of data that is easily moved in and out with swift speed. The higher the amount of a single file you try to offload to upload, you would not get countered with the degraded performance. And it works with a 2.0 USB plug without any fiddling.

Runs with all kind of devices that has the USB ports no matter they are 3.0 or 2.0. Now, keep anything close to you by uploading the data in this secured, powerful, and strong USB which comes with 5-years of warranty and enjoy your next trip by not worrying about USB getting damaged or twisted.

  • Hardcore USB flash drive
  • Waterproof to up to 200 meters
  • Compatible to get used with even 2.0 USB plugs
  • Best budget USB flash drive
  • Be careful while plugging and unplugging to not break it from the edge where the connector meets with body

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5. Kingston Data Traveler SE9 G2

Kingston Data Traveler SE9 G2

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Kingston SE9 G2 is the first best USB drive in our list all the way from Kingston. The company has a reputation for creating high-quality products from years. No doubt, the USB flash drive that I tracked down for you guys is the best flash drive on the market. It comes with a beautiful design as you can see in the picture. The USB flash drive can resist against bumps and drops as it’s covered with an aluminum case. It comes with a key ring that can fit in almost every keychain. Kingston SE9 G2 is capless. The device is 4.5cm long and 0.5cm wide which makes it super tiny.

Talking about the data traveler speed, it comes with the USB 3.1 which makes it fast. The flash drive has the 114MB/s read speed and 17MB/s write speed. I personally have no issues with the speed. It works perfectly for me. The USB drive is supported by almost every latest operating system such as OSx, Linux, and windows. After the detailed observation during tests, I must add that Kingston is a brand new in the production of the best USB drives.

The best thing about this best USB drive is that it comes with the 5 years warranty which is great. Moreover, this USB flash drive doesn’t have any LED activity light and has a slow write speed which are the only letdowns for it. Overall the Kingston USB flash drive is tiny, fast, and has a large space of 128GB. It has perfect write and read speed. It can easily fit in almost every USB port. This device makes transferring, sharing, and storing data very easy. In short, if you’re looking for high speed best USB drive that offers large storing space then Kingston SE9 G2 is the best choice.

  • Comes with the metallic case
  • Kingston SE9 G2 is fast.
  • The USB flash drive is Compact and tiny.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • The USB flash drive comes without LED activity light.

6. Corsair Flash Voyager GT 64GB USB 3.0

Corsair Flash Voyager GT

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Corsair has a reputation for manufacturing good quality products including USB flash drives from years. I have checked some other companies to choose the best USB drive for gamers. But Corsair was the best choice that I made for you guys. So without further ado let’s get straight into the corsair flash voyager GT USB 3.0 review. Flash Voyager GT comes with a beautiful design as you can see in the picture. The design follows the combination of black and red colors. It also includes a ring loop which can fit in almost all type of key chains. Flash Voyager GT comes with a waterproof cap which is the best thing about it. Its exterior is made up of rubberized material which makes it shockproof.

However, the device is a bit big in size from its previous version flash voyager GT USB 2.0. Also, the device is faster than its previous version. So let’s have a look at its speed.  Flash Voyager has decent write and reads speeds. The speeds aren’t as good as Lexar jumpdrive p20 but still better than many other USB flash drives in the market. It has the write speed of 83MB/s and a read the speed of 135MB/s. The device is available in different capacities. The USB flash drive with different capacities has different write and read speeds.  But we only did the speed test for 64GB.

The read speed isn’t that good what we expected which is the only let down for this best USB drive. Overall it’s one of the best USB flash drives in the market designed for gamers. It has a decent impressive read speed. The device is waterproof and built from high-quality material which is the best thing about it. 64GB of capacity would be enough for you to store your content. if not, it’s also available in different capacities.

  • Good read speed.
  • impressive Build quality.
  • 64GB of good capacity.
  • Low write speed.

7. Samsung USB 3.0 Flash Drive duo

Samsung USB 3.0 Flash Drive duo

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As you know Samsung company is popular for manufacturing the best smartphones. A few years back they took the game to the next level and started manufacturing USB flash drives. Today I have selected one of the best USB drives for that can work for both computers and smartphones.

Samsung USB flash drive duo is tiny in size and is built from metal. It comes with two USB ports, a USB 3.0 that you can use for computer and Micro-B type USB known as MicroUSB that you can use for almost all standard smartphones.  It also has a plastic cap for a MicroUSB slot. The USB flash drive looks strong and well built. Samsung made it to the next level by making this device waterproof, shockproof, and x-ray proof.

The most important thing that people look for in the best USB drive is its speed. isn’t it? To fulfill that need Samsung flash drive duo offers excellent write and read speeds. It has an impressive write speed of 109.6MB/s and read the speed of 155MB/s. The good thing about Samsung duo is that you can use it for almost all operating systems like windows vista, 2000, XP, macOS X, Linux, etc. The package also offers 5 years warranty.

We didn’t find the MicroUSB as strong as it should be and it won’t last for a long time which is the only problem with this USB flash drive. But overall the Samsung duo has excellent performance. It’s well built from a high-quality metallic material that makes it strong. The device is made magnet and water-resistant to make your content secure. It has two USB slots. one for smartphones and one for PCs. In short, one of the best USB drives picks that we made for smartphones.

  • Best performance.
  • Magnet proof, waterproof, temperature proof and x-ray proof.
  • Metallic body.
  • Decent design.
  • MicroUSB won’t last long.

8. Transcend Jetflash 790 32 GB

Transcend Jetflash 790 32 GB

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Transcend Jetflash 790 the best USB drive all the way from transcend. It has decent write and read speeds. Don’t expect anything awesome from Jetflash 790. because it does not offer such fast speeds like other USB flash drives are offering on our list.

But if we talk about Transcend JetFlash 790 design. It has an excellent capless design that follows a color combination of simple black and blue colors. The Flash drive also offers you a LED activity light which helps to monitor the data transfer activity. You can use a button to access the USB 3.0 connector. It’s made of plastic material due to which it’s lighter.

Talking about transcending JetFlash 790 32gb speed, as I mentioned before don’t expect anything mind-blowing. The USB flash drive has a 90 MB/s  read speed and 25 MB/s write speed. you can buy it for casual use. The package allows you to access the transcend JetFlash elite data management tools which are cool stuff. The best thing is, the Transcend JetFlash 790 comes with a lifetime warranty.

As you saw the write speed was not that good which is one of the disadvantages of this USB flash drive. The best USB flash drive that offers decent speed. It has a phenomenal design that makes it more appealing. The package includes security tools and a lifetime warranty. If you’re looking for the best USB drive that you can use casually I thing transcend JetFlash 790 is a good option.

  • Decent read speed.
  • Well built and good design.
  • 32GB capacity.
  • Secure.
  • Write speed is slow.

9. Mushkin Enhanced Ventura Plus 64GB

Mushkin Enhanced Ventura Plus 64GB

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You probably know that USB 3.0 flash drives are faster than USB 2.0 flash drives. Well, Ventura plus is one USB 3.0 flash drives with fast read and write speeds and has a simple eye-catching design. Let’s have a look at what this best USB drive offers you. You can see in the picture how Ventura plus looks like. It has a simple durable design that follows a simple black color with Mushkin’s company logo on it. The Ventura Plus is built with a small and slim design which makes it pocket-friendly. It has a large capacity of 64GB which is right for you if you need a USB flash drive with high capacity.

Coming towards its speed, Ventura plus USB flash drives with different capacities has different speeds. Ventura Plus 16GB is a bit slower than 32GB and 64GB. But let’s stick to our pick which is 64GB. Its read speed is quite impressive. The Ventura plus has the read speed of up to 200MB/s which is fast. It has a decent write speed of up to 90MB/s. It’s definitely faster than Ventura pro.

The Ventura plus is supported by almost all operating systems like Windows 7, 8, Vista, MacOS X, Linux, etc. The USB 3.0 connector easily fits in all USB ports. Moreover, the USB flash also has 2 years warranty. According to my views, Ventura plus has ho-hum performance that is the only disadvantage of this USB flash drive. Overall this is one of the best USB flash drives in the market with fast read and write speeds. Ventura plus has a Simple and slim design. It comes with 2 years warranty. A good choice for folks who require data traveler with high speeds and data storage.

  • High write and read speeds.
  • Simple design.
  • 64GB capacity.
  • Built from good quality material.
  • It has ho-hum performance which is the only let down.

10. Sony MicroVault 32gb

Sony MicroVault 32gb

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Sony Microvault is another best USB drive in the market that made it into our list. The MicroVault is designed for daily use. It has a beautiful handy design as you can see in the picture. The USB flash drive also offers some security features. Let’s get into the details of the USB flash drive. MicroVault has an attractive capless design with sony’s company logo on it. One of the interesting features is, you don’t see the USB port until you click it out like a pen. It has a nice little keychain hole in case you need to hook it in the keychain.

Talking about speed, the Sony MicroVault has great performance. The speed performance that we measured was pretty good. It delivered 213MB/s read speed and 53.5 MB/s write speed at large data. However, the medium and small data speed was average. The package also offers SecureData software for the security of the content. It also comes with RescueData for the recovery of your data. However, the software can’t recover the game’s data.

There are many memory stick companies out there that offer a lifetime warranty for their product. But Sony MicroVault only offers 5 years warranty. Sony MicroVault also lacks cloud backup which is another let down for the product. Overall, Sony MicroVault is one of the best USB drives that can handle tasks easily. It is secure and even can recover the data with software. It has an outstanding design. The USB port comes out with a simple click of a button. Actually designed for everyday use.

  • Good performance.
  • Outstanding design.
  • Good capacity.
  • Security and recovery softwares.
  • Lacks cloud backup.

Best USB Drive Buyer’s Guide

The Best USB Drive buyer’s guide is written to help people in finding their best USB flash drive. We added all kinds of USB devices to our list keeping in mind the folks with different interests. Our team tested a few USB flash drives. However, we did proper research on the remaining USB flash drives and presented them to you people in the form of reviews.

The USB flash drives that we tested are Patriot supersonic rage 2, SanDisk Extreme, and Lexar JumpDrive p20. SanDisk Extreme became our top pick because of its best performance and appealing design. The other two are faster than all other devices in our best USB drive reviews list. Almost all devices come with security and content recovery software.

USB Flash Drive Speed

The USB flash drives that we picked offers excellent read and write speed. However, we find out some flash drives with terrible write speed. The USB flash drives with speeds less than 100MB/s are slow as you can a couple of our picks offers to write speed below 100MB/s. But the rest of the devices are with good write and read speeds.

USB Flash Drive Design

You can see the excellent design of the devices in the pictures that we have provided except the Kingston SE9 G2. Kingston SE9 G2 design doesn’t seem that appealing but the device is built from good quality material and has decent read speed which is the reason we added it to our best USB drive reviews list.

Security And Content Recovery

Almost all USB flash drives in our list come with Softwares package which offers content security Software and Content recovery Software. You can set a password to your content through security Software and can recover your data in case you lose your data with the help of content recovery Software.

It was our work that we delivered to you and now it’s your turn. If you have any queries regarding our best USB flash drive 2021 reviews, Feel free to write it down in our comment box. We’ll respond to your message as soon as possible. If you have any suggestion or idea that you want to share with us, you can contact us by filling our form. Thanks.

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