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Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 in 2021: (Reviews & Comparison)

best gaming monitor under 200Gaming PC rig without a screen is just a box. Having a screen that could give visual display is an essential unit with computing machines. Finding the best gaming monitor under 200 dollars is a tricky part when you are with a limited budget. This post would contribute to revealing the gaming monitors under the 200 dollars range. Normally, we use computing devices and do not notice the performance. When it comes to gaming we expect some progressive and outstanding response from our devices.

Especially gaming computers,  gaming laptops, and all gaming consoles have their compatibility demands. Keeping in view the gaming expectations and performance we will discuss the monitors especially made for gaming and reaching the range of $200. We are answering the repeated question “what monitor is best for gaming in the low-end budget”.

Before reviewing the monitors under $200 on the list below I would share our struggle to find them. We picked the best gaming monitors for computers, ps4, and other gaming consoles after testing many of them. Hard job to test the products and analyze them for choosing the best option. I am thankful to my team for making it possible to review the top performers in this article.

Selection of a product on the market needs some know-how. Never make a quick decision and know all the possible options. Find out the quality stuff in the budget available out there. Pick the products that meet your needs and requirements. Finding the best gaming monitor on a budget at a low-end price is confusing due to a variety of different ranges. Let’s get into the reviews to reveal the best ones fitting in your setup.

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 in 2021

The top-rated best gaming monitor on a budget revealed in this post chosen with the sense and vision to keep your needs and budget in mind. Here we are sharing a list of the best monitors for gaming to make your pick more convenient.

1. Acer XFA240 G-SYNC

Acer XFA240 G-SYNC

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Being a gaming enthusiast I am always looking for new ways to minimize the cost. To have a visible difference in the gameplay you need some strong reasons. Valid experience of a smooth display with rich resolutions and colors graphics would make the previous statement true.

Specs of Acer gaming monitor 24″ XFA240

Acer gaming monitor 24″ XFA240 is offering full HD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels widescreen. The monitor is loaded with compatible display supported by TN panel and G-Sync technology. I am impressed with a 144Hz refresh rate in 1ms response time. Simply a great value added to a 144Hz monitor gaming display.

The tilt features of the screen are making it so comfortable with adjustment. It is offering superb viewing angles both horizontal and vertical. The screen is coming in a twisted nematic film (NT-Film) panel with the support of 16.7 million colors. All of the above the 350 nit brightness is making it the shining gaming screen. The two into two-watt speakers on the gaming screen supporting the playback sound of your gameplay.

Features of Acer gaming monitor 24″ XFA240

Let us talk about the features it is offering. Acer gaming monitor 24″ XFA240 has a signal input display port V1.2 to give you immersive visual streaming experience. You would also get an HDMI port and one DVI port as well. It is also a VESA compatible type in mounting with other devices.

Final Verdict

Looking at the overall specification and features it is offering in the low-end budget making it a cheap 24-inch monitor for gaming. If you are getting 144Hz monitor supporting gaming in budget what else do you need? You would have all the features another 4k gaming monitor is offering. You would not miss 4K features at all.

  • Great refresh rate and response time.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Killer display.
  • G-sync technology.
  • Viewing angles aren’t the best.
  • G-sync technology isn’t supported with HDMI

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Asus monitor gaming screen with an immersive display features is next one on the list of best gaming monitor under 200 reviews. To keep your gaming activities on top with the cheapest 1080p monitors. Here we are picking another one on a budget under 200 dollars. Asus monitor gaming screen is full HD, offering the most incredible gaming experience in a low-end price tag.

Specs Of Asus FHD Gaming Screen

Asus monitor is offering a slim design with full HD LED screen display. It has 0.24mm pixel pitch with 170 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees verticle. It is the best gaming monitor under 200 which allows users to select display mode as per their view comfort. SmartView technology onboard is making you able to adjust the color parameters for natural display of content.

SVI technology optimizes video performance by enhancing the colors to give you smooth streaming in natural view. Splendid View Technology is rare in the best gaming monitor under 200 at all. It will provide you the liberty to choose optimized video and image performance with color enhancement.


If you want life-like images in a controlled budget with quality performance and amazing features. Asus monitor is the best gaming monitor under 200 offering incredibly great features. It is coming with 5 ms response time to deliver smooth video streaming.

Smart contrast ratio can enhance the ratio to deliver you real live visual content. The SVI technology is supporting the enhancement of sharpness, and brightness as well. A wide range of compatibility features is offered on this most affordable and best gaming monitor under 200.

Final Verdict

You would get a mountable display gaming screen with a wide range of compatibility to connect with other devices. A most beautifully designed portable gaming monitor in a very low budget. It would give you the best gaming experience with quality and durability.

  • Full HD display with clear image delivery.
  • Quick response time and on point refresh rate.
  • Fancy and strong build quality.
  • Comes with smartview technology.
  • No USB ports.



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When you compare monitors around in price and the performance you would get the same products in various options. Quality always matters when you are running under budget and want to get something that could give you all the duties you want from it. This is a cheap gaming monitor under 200 which would not let you beat in any gaming console.


A great evolution by the addition of this portable gaming monitor.  Including VGA connectivity you would also get the HDMI and IPS display monitor with full HD. HP Pavilion is offering 1920 x 1080 pixels resolutions on 21 inches of the screen display. On a cheap gaming monitor under 200, you would get a dynamic contrast ratio 8m:1. The crystal clear image would be displayed without motion and any blur effects.

It is offering smooth functioning of the settings and a brightness up to 250 nits. This portable gaming monitor would save you power with the consumption of 20 watts and would give you environmental features. Besides the specifications mentioned here, it is also offering 2 million of crystal clear streaming of visual content.


Including multi-connectivity options, the mercury LED backlight would give you a bright display screen. HP Pavilion is offering Arsenic-free monitor glass to protect the screen from scratches and other damages. It is the cheap gaming monitor under 200 that would support you with the low halogen design for the energy efficiency promotion.

HP Pavilion is offering thin, sleek and slim design and looks bright on the screen. It looks stylish on the working desk and has a charming attraction. The quality is high and durable with reliability and performance. You would happy to get this cheap gaming pc monitor in a low-end budget.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best gaming monitor under 200 in an extremely low budget. This one would give you all the tasks you want to do with it including gaming. However, you can also use this cheap gaming pc monitor for documentation and other creative work including images editing. In performance, progressive, and creative work, it would not let you down. Only its display size is a bit low as compared to any other large screen curved monitor gaming.

  • Thin bezels display.
  • Can tilt to different angles.
  • screen performance is enhanced with LED backlit system.
  • Offers HDMI and VGA connectivity options.
  • A bit expensive for the specs that the monitor offers.



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The best monitor for gaming under 200 which allows you to play high definition games with smooth streaming. It is offering a super response time with 1ms for the console gaming experience. You would also enjoy Esports gaming with dual HDMI connectivity features in a low-end budget. The color vibrancy and black equalizer are also there to support this best gaming monitor under 200.


BenQ Zowie is offering a 24″ full HD with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution display screen. The cheapest 1080p monitors which are coming with dual HDMI. It is bringing flicker-free technology with special borders to eliminate the distortion in the visual streaming of the content.

It is the best IPS monitors under 200 that is offering exclusive color vibrancy with equalizer technology support in low bezels. You will be impressed with the compatibility and connectivity options. It is compatible with gaming consoles and your PC rig. Such promising performance is normally missing in most of the branded gaming monitors.


The screen allows you to configure the settings through GPU for better performance. You would have the limit of supporting 75Hz in 1ms response time. This feature eliminates lagging and distortion. It can provide you the optimal console gaming experience connected with PS4. Such offering features are making it the best gaming monitor under 200$.

Adjust your gaming modes as per your gaming pattern. The gaming screen would support you with the functions you want. BenQ on this model presenting a complete customized viewing experience. When you are connected to a gaming console like PS4 you would feel the difference of gameplay. The built-in speakers are there to support you with the sound playback.

Final Verdict

Durability and commitment with perfection in a low budget is not seen everywhere. It is the best gaming monitor for PS4 with 1080 pixels full HD display support. If you are a passionate gamer and want the fun of the game without any interruption on a big screen. Don’t lose the deal as you would not find all the specs and features BenQ Zowie is offering in an attractive price tag.

  • low-end price tag.
  • Doesn’t bother the eyes with its eye comfort mode.
  • Great viewing angles.
  • Delivers full hd resolutions.
  • Comes with low refresh rates.

5. BenQ GL2460HM 1080p LED

BenQ GL2460HM 1080p LED

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BenQ gaming monitor 144hz is offering a 2ms response time with HDMI connectivity. In gaming monitors under the budget if you are searching for eye care technology and low blue light. This monitor would not let you down when it comes to the features we discussed in the previous sentence. All of the above you would also get a pair of built-in speakers to enjoy the game playback sound.


This energy star certified gaming monitor is offering amazing specs with DVI and Built-In Speakers. It is 24 inches display screen with low blue light. Eye Care Technology is there with ZeroFlicker and VESA mountable on this best gaming monitor under 150. It is giving an incredible 2ms response time with a 1.78:1 aspect ratio.

The display type on this best gaming monitor under 150 is LED and the 60-hertz refresh rate is an amazing option to give you continuous streaming of visual content. You would be able to get 1920 x 1080 pixels of display resolutions on max. It is offering a 9.5 pounds of weighing body which is easy to carry.


I love the features of long hours of gameplay with comfort and ease due to the eye care tech. The blue light filter is removing the harmful light and protect your eyes. Your eyes would not feel any pain even playing for long hours some high-resolution games.

The wall mounting features are making it a superb option when you are out of space on your desk. You would be able to mount BenQ gaming monitor 144hz and enjoy gaming fun without allotment of any workspace. It has amazing features of doing other progressive and creative work including gaming.

Final Verdict

If you want a cheap gaming PC monitor with the ability to do other creative and progressive tasks. BenQ gaming monitor would not let you beat in doing any task at all. It will keep your experience level high and bring fun for you and your home at an extremely low price tag.

  • Pleasant display colors.
  • Crisp and clear monitor display.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Well designed and built for long lasting gaming performance.
  • Poor quality speakers.

6. Asus VG245H FHD Console Screen

Asus VG245H FHD Console Screen

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The best gaming monitor for Xbox One and other gaming consoles to give you supreme gaming experience. It is offering 1080p dual HDMI eye care technology support for the protection of your eyes. It is a complete console gaming monitor with FreeSync and Adaptive Syncing capacities. You would get this one in black color with flicker-free technology to give comfort to your eyes on gameplay.


It is coming with physical dimensions on 22.0 x 12.95 x 1.96 inches. The size allows you to accommodate it in any workspace. You would get 1ms response time with flicker-free game fast input technology by Asus on this gaming monitor. Like the other best gaming monitors on the list, this one also got a blue light filter for the protection of your eyes.

It is offering GamePlus functions to enhance color performance during your gameplay. You would have a fully-loaded free sync/adaptive sync technology monitor in a low price tag. For a tear-free screen with a 75 Hz refresh rate, the experience of AMD Radeon GPUs is amazing with HDMI connectivity. Fluent streaming on high definition display screen would keep your viewing experience on top.


It is offering the features of complete console gaming experience and eSports experience. Asus 24-inch full HD freesync gaming monitor [vg245h] is built for optimal console gaming. It is ultra-fast with a response time of 1 microsecond on a 75 Hz refresh rate. The dual HDMI ports are extended the options of connectivity. You would enjoy the in-game effects with super-fast visual streaming.

To get more from your game you would have the option of hotkey with the support of the game plus technology. It will help you to enhance the optimized visuals to get you the real image. The monitor is offering a stand with ergonomic design allows you the viewing adjustment depends on your comfort. Asus 24-inch full HD freesync gaming monitor [vg245h] has a low blue light filter with eye-care technology. The smart dynamic backlight adjustment protects the screen from flickering by adjustment of the backlight.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best console gaming monitor which could keep your experience on top. Asus 24-inch full HD freesync gaming monitor vg245h would be the best pick. It has offered the best low-end price tag with lots of features and specs.

  • low response time.
  • Beautifully designed.
  • 10 minutes easy setup.
  • AMD Free-sync technology.
  • A little on the dim side.

7. HP N270h FHD LED Backlight

HP N270h FHD LED Backlight

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The best IPS monitor under 200 with anti-glare technology and HDMI connectivity. If we talk about the weak point on this gaming monitor. Yes, it would be the 5 ms response time. As compared to the other best gaming monitors the response rate is low. However, this is not a deal-breaker as HP N270h is offering a lot more on a low price tag.


It is offering an amazing contrast ratio of 16:9 with 5 ms response rate. The 1,000:1 aspect ratio makes you able to view the visual content on a 250 nit with display resolutions 1920×1080 pixels. You would get 16.7 million colors on 27 inches wide and anti-glare screen.

The HDMI and VGA connectivity are making your gaming monitor able to connect with many gaming consoles and devices. It is the best gaming monitor for PS4 and gaming PCs. I am impressed with the 0.3114 mm pixel pitch. The screen is also offering the specs of IPS technology with -5 to 23 tilt angle.


The anti-glare features are amazing with the tilt adjustment on the stand. You would have the liberty to reach to the maximum level of display settings and would get 1920×1080 pixels with 250 nits. This is an amazing feature that supports the smooth streaming of full HD display of your gaming.

It has power saving options with the immersive display on high definition games. The viewing angles offered by HP N270h are 178 degrees for horizontal and vertical both. It is also offering the horizontal frequencies with the values of 30 to 80 kHz.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an anti-glare LED gaming screen with IPS technology. This gaming monitor under 150 would give you the experience you want in your limited budget. You would be amazed at the gaming experience on the max level of display settings.

  • 2k display.
  • More USB ports.
  • Comes with an affordable price.
  • Good design.
  • No picture optimization options.

8. AOC G2590FX 25″ Frameless

AOC G2590FX 25″ Frameless

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It is the best monitor for gaming under 200, and the statement does not go wrong when you experience it. This monitor is a real beauty added by AOC as it has all the specs and features other best 144hz monitor under 200 is offering on the market. Let’s get our hands on the exploring of this beauty.


AOC gaming monitor is the best monitor for gaming under 200 due to its reliable performance. It all depends on the hardware it offers at such a low price. You would get a 25 inches frameless gaming monitor with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution full HD display. It is the best 144hz monitor gaming screen with TN panel supported by a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The budget-minded gamers would love to get this package of adaptive sync besides with Nvidia G-sync compatibility. It is not going to stop here, that said refresh rate of 144Hz has worth to mention here. AOC would give you crystal clear image of your game colors. The ultra-thin bezels are impressive to give it a gloomy gaming design.


The monitor is designed by gamers for gamers that simply means gaming is the priority feature of this device. It is offering the features of AGON gaming display. You would get a fast response time on a TN panel screen with 144Hz refresh rate, this is an incredible gaming experience. The blue light filter would remove the extra brightness on the screen. With the intense gaming sessions, your eyes would be in comfort with the tears of joy.

It is also best to connect with gaming consoles other than your gaming PC. The adaptive display and Nvidia G-sync technology would sync the refresh rate on your gaming console or PC GPU to give you comfort on the view. It is the best gaming monitor under 200 which is designed according to the gamer’s sense.

Final Verdict

If you are a gamer with the passion to get to the leading gaming legend with a limited budget. You should choose the AOC gaming monitor as it offers a clean and clear gaming display. It the redefined for gamers by gamers to enhance the gaming experience to the notch level.

  • Low input lag in comparison to other monitors in the same price tag.
  • Fast enough.
  • Free-Syc and G-sync technology support.
  • Good colors and viewing angles.
  • Limited tilting.

9. Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor

Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor

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Here is another best 144hz monitor under 200 with HDMI display port. It has offered a multi-port option to make it compatible with all type of devices. You can even connect your phone and audio devices to enjoy the gaming fun on this gaming monitor. The fast pace gaming is now easy with smooth video streaming with zero flickerings on screen.


When you look for the best gaming monitors under 200, due to its use and reliability you would find it on the list with others. It is offering 144Hz of refresh rate with C248B-144R 24-Inch HDMI DisplayPort. The DVI and audio input is also there for extending the compatibility options. It got With Stand 21.5 x 5.4 x 15.6 inches of dimensions and without the stand, it gives 24.33 x 2.46 x 14.31 inches of size.

The AMD free-sync would support your visual streaming with free-sync during your gaming sessions for better performance. On 144Hz refresh rate, you would get a crystal clear image with a brightness that won’t harm your eyes. A blue light filter is not missing along with the anti-flicker option.


On a 24 inches display screen, you would get 1920 x 1080 pixels. A curved gaming monitor with anti-flicker technology would give you a superb gaming experience.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a cheap curved gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rate and fast performance on every single detail. Sceptre curved gaming monitor would give you the edge of comfort. It is the best gaming curved monitor which would give you the pleasure of smooth video streaming of your gameplay.

  • Curvy design gives the monitor a fancy look.
  • Can work better with XBOX and other Consoles.
  • Clear display.
  • Awesome refresh rate and response time.
  • Comes without HDR

10. Sceptre Curved LED Monitor

Sceptre Curved LED Monitor

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You would get beyond gaming experience with an edge-less AMD FreeSync cheap curved gaming monitor. It is coming with HDMI DisplayPort HDMI in metal Black color. It is the best gaming monitor for PS4 with tilt adjustment stand. The tilt adjustment allows you to set the screen according to your seating and comfort. Let us get into the review to explore this curved gaming monitor.


It is a 24 inches curved best gaming monitor under 200 that would give you a 144Hz Refresh Rate. The AMD free-sync would support you in getting seamless on the spot movement during playing fast gaming battles. Including display port, you would have audio out jack and HDMI connectivity options.

Anti-Flicker technology provides support to give you a crisper picture. It can prevent the backlight from flickering periodically during your gameplay. You would feel comfortable viewing the monitor for long hours even in intense gaming sessions.


With AMD Free-Sync and 144Hz refresh rate, you would get the features beyond the gaming experience. Ultra-clear full HD display screen would give you a curvy gaming view. The Anti-flicker technology would make it more viewable on your fast gameplay. You would see the difference when you get the smooth streaming of fast moves.

Final Verdict

When you know what to look for in a gaming monitor then it is easy to choose the monitors like Sceptre. It is a curved monitor for gaming with AMD free-sync to give a smooth video streaming. You would get a flicker-free image with high definition and eye care. The professional gamers would love to play fast-paced games with smooth visual streaming.

  • Ergonomic looks.
  • Made for XBOX and PS4
  • Satisfying refresh rate and response time.
  • FHD and crisp display.
  • Wakes up slowly.

How To Choose  The Best Gaming Monitor On A Budget?

It is hard to choose from a variety of brands and models when you want to purchase a gaming monitor. Our definitive buying guide would guide you on how to choose a gaming monitor in the budget. Let us know what to look for in a gaming monitor when you are with a limited budget.

Display Panel

With the evolution of technology, things are evolving to get outstanding results. Over time, modern gaming monitors are categorized into two main display panels. One is known as an IPS (in-plane switching) panel gaming monitor. And the other one is a TN (twisted nematic) panel gaming monitor. The only difference is the IPS panel monitor is expensive and the other one is in an affordable range.

You should know that IPS monitor is high with response time while the TN monitors are offering ultra-fast response time. Now the question is which gaming monitor you should choose. It purely depends on your gaming pattern, if you are playing a lot of online games you should know that low response time would make a mess of your gameplay.

You should not worried about the IPS panel as it is expensive. This post is contributing to picking up the best gaming monitors under $200 with the IPS panel. The purpose is to make the selection easy for gaming passionates. The IPS panel gaming monitor can give you wide viewing experience with true colors. You would also get an accurate contrast rate with the super-fast response time.

What Response Time Should Be Offered?

First, let us clear the concept of response time. Response time is the time taken by a pixel to change from one color to another. The faster the response time the smoother your gameplay would be. If the response time is slow the ghosting would be created to make your gameplay a mess.

What Refresh Rate Should Be Offered?

The refresh rate is the speed of the image display in continuous streaming. If you want 144Hz of refresh rate on budget gaming monitors we selected the best one with these features. Normally low-priced gaming monitors support 60Hz but we did not pick the monitor with specs mentioned in this statement. The refresh rate not only depends on the monitor, but you should also have the strong GPU to get a fast refresh rate. If you prefer portability or need something for gaming, you can also check out the best tablets for gaming.

It’s all about the best gaming monitors under $200 with top rating and gaming experience. Now it is your turn to give us feedback for the improvement of this list about budget gaming monitors. Leave a comment to let us know what model and brand is your choice in cheap gaming monitors.

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