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Best Electric Shaver for Men 2021: (10 Best Shavers Picked)

When hunting for the best electric shaver for men, we are presented with thousands of items to choose from. But how one can decide which one to pick out of thousands. We generally steer towards the decision by just looking at the brand’s name as well as the reviews customer posted but that is entirely NOT enough of the decision-making tactic if that is your only approach to buy the products off the internet.

There should be countless of your expectations to meet through the product and in the end, you need the best result! And here we are up with reviewing the best electric shaver for men to bring them the finest quality of the shaver, whether they want the clean face (no more beard) or want to maintain the stubble.

Whatever is going to be your need, the electric shaver for men is the true savior in most cases, and it saves you a great amount of time by not going anywhere AND you have this electric-run shaver machine to deal with the shaving requirements that you have in plans.

List of Best Electric Shavers For Men 2021

How is a Best Electric Shaver for Men Your Best Companion

The electric shaver is used by the men and their faces are looked trimmed, styled, and out of hair. Even if you got to be having the beard, your electric shaver should be able to make it look right and appealing because the men’s face is the first impression that goes out in the world. 🙂

Imagine the beard being grown for 3-4 days and you do not have the resources to reach to the barbershop, the electric shaver for men is your best savior.

And, why even pay for the shave by going to the barbershop every week (or after every couple of days) when you can save the great number of bucks using the electric shaver? I might tell you it is going to be your one good investment in the long run!

Advancement of the technology has improved the way people live, and the electric shaver is the one component contributing to the improvised lifestyle. Electric shaver has been the great replacement or the alternative of the general and best electric razors that come with the blade. Though the manual razors do provide the closest shave that cut off the hair from the very bottom and then you do not need the shave for up to 3-4 days but the use of the manual razors is the total risk due to you need to be careful enough to rub your skin or get ready to get a cut.

For the same purpose, an electric shaver is quite skin-friendly and can be used forcibly pressing the skin inward without the chance of having a cut.

So, adopt the best technologies and let your lifestyle be filled with the machines to save you time and the hassle.

Benefits of Electric Shaver for Men

Electric shaver for men is the best replacement of the manual razors due to these many listed reasons;

  1. Shaves faster = Switch on the electric shaver and get done with the finest quality of shave before the minute ends.
  2. Thick or soft hairs – No worries = No matter what kinda the beard you got, those best men’s electric shaver works for thick hair as well as the soft.
  3. Money saver = Purchase it and forget going to the barbershop EVER.
  4. NO to Reduced cuts and nicks = Shaving cuts and nicks are inbearable… And thankfully you would NOT have them with using the electric shaver.
  5. Portable = The electric shaver is good to go with you anywhere you go. And everywhere you find the need for using it.
  6. Maintains the stubble = Maintaining the beard if you do not want to just get the clean shaved face, and the electric shaver settings can make you do it with convenience.

So, what’s up now? 🙂

Well, be ready to glance through the 10 best electric shaver for men that are really BEST out of thousands due to their performance, durability, and the perfectionism they are designed with.

Top 10 Best Electric Shaver for Men

And the real hunt is just going to get started where we will be picking up to review the 10 best electric shavers for men.

Expect your favorite brands to be covered in this detailed electric shaver review guide along with the newer names that are deemed to provide us with the best products but are not widely covered yet.

Best Electric Shavers For Men 2021 [Reviews]

1. Philips Norelco Shaver 9000 Prestige SP9820/87

Philips Norelco Shaver 9000 Prestige SP982087

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Philips is the brand that most people love to have their best products in the possession and luckily, we have the Philips’ Norelco Shave 9000 Prestige for you to pick and use as the electric shaver and we rank it into our list of best electric shaver for men BECAUSE it really is with the premium-class case and the trimmer attachment. 🙂

With having the blade systems made with NanoTech mechanism occupied with the precision blades to provide you the closest shave without losing the comfort and itching the skin as the blades are strengthened enough with thousands of nanoparticles which let to glide the shaver smoothly over your skin and its 8-directional contouring heads to follow every single curve of your face.

Loaded with the BeardAdapt technology, its built-in sensor analyzes the hair dynasty every passage of 15 seconds to control and adapt as to how your face should look, so trust on the shaver, please. 🙂 Backed by the powerful Lithium-ion battery that is indeed powerful enough to provide the power of a corded shaver and lasts for up to 60 minutes of the continuous shave and you can use it as dry or wet with the foam on and you do NOT need to worry about its performance along the digital display to keep an eye on the remaining charge.

  • Works in wet and dry conditions without a problem.
  • Attached with the trimmer.
  • A built-in sensor that auto-checks the hair density after every 15 seconds.
  • Runs for 60 minutes at full power.
  • Falls into a little expensive pricing bracket.

2. Braun Series 9 9290cc

Braun Series 9 9290cc

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Our second in the line is this premium class electric shaver from Braun Series 9 9290cc. Loaded with the precision trimmer for the finest quality of shave even though if you got the long beard that generally looks to get some hair cut with knife OR would have to roughly use the shaver for a while; that is NOT going to be such a case that we portrayed if you use Braun Series 9 electric shaver.

Got yourself the soft or the hard skin, its 5 synchronized shaving elements are capable to fetch the hair at a first stroke and cut down to the level which the ordinary razors could do with enough forcing and pushing with always worrying about getting the cut thanks to its titanium-coated double trimmers integrated with the 2x Opti-Foil system to get to that much closeness where you would not need to do the shave again for a few days.

To be exact, Braun Series 9 9290cc holds the SynchroSonic technology that develops the micro-vibrations to up to 10,000 times to perfectly catch the hair just by touching the shaver on the face even it is dry or wet. As for the battery, it can last for up to an hour after the complete charge. The pack comes with the charge station for the safety of the unit and the travel case to take it anywhere with you.

  • Ensure the portability with the dedicated travel case.
  • It comes with a charger and a cleaning station.
  • Works best on 3-days old beard as fetches more hair as made able to produce up to 10,000 micro-vibrations.
  • Waterproof to up to 5 meters of depth.
  • Shaving efficiency of 40,000 cuts per minute.
  • Moves the foild head into 10 direction for closest shaving.
  • Little expensive.
  • No speed controls.

3. Braun Series 7 7900cc

Braun Series 7 7900cc

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Braun presents us with the electric shaver from its exclusive Series 7 7900cc and made exclusively in great Germany ensures it is up with the best technology as well as the build where Braun claims to be lasting for up to 7 years. Yes, the best technology that consists of intelligent Sonic where it auto-increases the power when having the shave in difficult areas of your face and when got the dense hair so that nothing gets left behind.

This electric Series 7 razor comes loaded with the ActiveLift trimmer which has the core ability to capture the flat-lying hairs and you do not need to rub your face or put on the water to get them erected as well as no pushing the shaver down. Just gently touch it and you are done! With the OptiFoil function gets to reach the shorter hair to the mere size of 0.05mm to get the closest shave.

Enjoy playing and having the good kind of the shave even when you are surrounded with water as the Braun Series 7 electric shaver is guaranteed to be 100 percent water-proof, so whether you are wet or dry, this shaver does not care about whatever situation it has to deal and go through with. 🙂 Missing anything? Well, nope and that is about the travel case and the charging station that makes it a pure portable electric shaver.

  • Foil-blade electric shaver.
  • Rechargeable with the cleaning and charging station attached.
  • Waterproof to up to 100 percent.
  • Trimmer with the ActiveLift technology to lift the lying hairs, the speciality of having the dry shave.
  • Vibrates a little when putting on work.

4. Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S

Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S

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Panasonic does not ONLY manufacture the television.. anymore… It has evolved and expanded its business into different forms and that allows us to discuss one of its best-crafted electric shaver with the name of Arc5 ES-LV65-S which is your best companion along with the destinations you travel to.

Loaded with the 5-blades for the ultra-sharp precision-honed towards 30° NanoTech feature and the ultra-thin arc foil which give the close and ultra-comfortable shave to enjoy the soft look and hair-free face. The built-in shaving sensors monitor the beard density where it auto-adjusts the cutting power to the comfort as well as to conserve the battery where it gets visible on the LCD indicator of the left battery’s power.

Integrated with the high performance and high powered linear motor to provide up to 14,000 cuts within a minute’s time that leads to 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute where it keeps to maintain the peak power to the last percentage of the battery. The 2-in-1 trimmer that details the shaving types of mustache, beard, and side-burns in wet and dry conditions because of being designed for the water-proof to be even used in the shower.

  • 70,000 cross-cutting actions in a minute.
  • 2-in-1 trimmer for the sideburns and mustaches.
  • Works well in wet and dry situations, and is waterproof as well.
  • Loaded with 5 ultra-sharp precision blades for a good quality shave.
  • Best in price!
  • The bigger head which may take you time to get used to.

5. Philips Norelco 9300

Philips Norelco 9300 931187

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Another one we find ourselves proud to bring up over the table is the electric shaver from Philips Norelco 9300 which is the high-performance electric shave that works well over the extended beards that are not shaved for up to complete 3-days as it heads independently circulates around the 8 directions with the good contour technology that reaches to your face’s every curve. With this interesting functionality, the shaver is able to get up to 20 percent more hair and the shaving system provides you the good shave of up to 30 percent close.

Comes with three different speed settings to match with your mood, type of the hair you need them after the cut, and the skin condition;

  • Slow = For the skin-friendly to retain the soft shave to go through the hard hair.
  • Medium = For the thorough shave.
  • Fast = To get the complete and close shave with no beard left.

Bundled with the Lithium-ion battery that lasts to up to 50 minutes after getting a complete cycle of charge, is a good combination to have the battery-run electric shaver without the cord as you cannot afford to get a high-voltage shock due to being used inside the shower. And you can keep an eye over the battery percentage with is LED display placed on the front panel to know how much charge is left, but do not worry as the power will not derained even if the battery is just a few percents left.

  • Added with three/3 speed modes.
  • SmartClean solution for good cleaning.
  • Rotary electric razor moves to 8 directions for best contouring with V-Track blades to catch and cut every single hair.
  • A full charge lasts for 50 minutes at full power.
  • Mildly on the expensvie side.
  • No plastic heads to put on.

6. Panasonic Arc4 ES-8243-A

Panasonic Arc4 ES-8243-A

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With our continued hunt for the best electric shaver, we find one of it again from Panasonic namely Arc4. Loaded with 4 stainless-steel and 30° NanoTech blades for the foil cutting system and the flexible pivoting head to reach to every facial’s contour to reach every curve found on your face to get the cleaner, freshening, comfortable and closest shave, and the pop-up trimmer makes you enjoy the professional-looking grooming.

Panasonic Arc4 electric shaver for men comes integrated with the high-end linear motor to provide you with 13,000 cuts within a minute and would not lose the power even the battery sets to get drained and no beard is left behind. Whereas the unit is made and compliant to the safety standards as well as is a total waterproof which allows you to freely use it in dry and wet conditions.

And the illuminated LCD panel shows you how much of the battery is left but rest assured, you are going to use the Panasonic Arc4 cordless electric shaver for men for up to an hours after the full charge, that means of getting your best shave is entirely possible even if it is not fully charged. Well, that LCD panel shows you different indicators, such as;

  • Battery charging indicator
  • Cleaning reminder
  • Shaving timer
  • Reminder for blade and/or foil replacement
  • Sonic vibration cleaning
  • And… the battery indicator
  • 4 stainless-steel made blades with 30-degrees of NanoTech feature.
  • Powerful motor to get up to 13,000 cuts within a minute.
  • One pop-up trimmer for sideburns and grooming.
  • Long hairs need some effort to get cut.
  • Creates a somewhat loud noise.

7. Braun MobileShave M90

Braun MobileShave M90

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Ever thought about having the mobile shaver that is mere of the size to hold inside your pocket and always ready to give you the perfect save? That is the concept Braun MobileShave M90 fulfills for their customers who are mostly on the go and cannot carry the shaver tat needs the electric post to get charged.

Its wider, flexible and floating SmartFoil gives you the closer but comfortable shaving experience where none of the hair gets to escape from getting cut, capped with the twist cap to protect the foil when it is not in use. And the extendable precision trimmer is best used for sideburns and the mustaches to give them the good look.

It is completely washable with the running water to get it all cleaned off the hairs. The more you keep it cleaned, the more you increase the life of this Braun MobileShave M90 electric shaver. And the best thing is, it requires no plug or the electricity post to use and charge because t operates with the replaceable AA-size batteries. Load the two AA-size batteries and you are good to use this MobileShaver M90 from Braun for 60 minutes.

  • Runs with AA-size batteries.
  • Covered with twist cap on the head.
  • Loaded with the extendable trimmer.
  • Water-proof.
  • Totally portable.
  • Takes a lot of time to get the shave completed.

8. Wahl Professional 8061 5-Star

Wahl Professional 8061 5-Star

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For the professional and experts who are in the search of commercial-grade electric shaver for men, Wahl Professional 5-Star Series is going to be their best bet as it is engineered to deliver the best performance which the professionals demand with its top-notch precision.

Comes installed with the rechargeable battery that keeps the rotary motor grinding and moving at its full speed for complete 60 minutes’ after every full charge. Made with the gold foil head, and it would leave any ingrown hairs alone and makes the best job gets done even one has the sensitive skin.

Use it on your face, head, and the neckline and get the best results. Priced to the reasonable tag to satisfy your needs and this pays well to enhance your daily life routine. Crafted for professionals, but that does not mean it cannot be bought from anyone. That indeed is going to be the best fit in your bathroom and enjoy the ultra-close shave every time you kickstart to use.

  • Professional-grade electric shaver.
  • Runs for 60 minutes after a full charge.
  • Good for sensitive skin.
  • Motor reportedly to slow down when shaving the ingrown hairs.

9. Philips Norelco 8900 S8950/90

Philips Norelco 8900 S895090

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The wet and dry electric shaver for men is the absolute advantage and that is what Philips Norelco 8900 shaver delivers. Its SmartClean functionality keeps the shaver running smoothly and on its best power cut down the beard from cuts. And its unique blades can cut the hairs to up to 30 percent closer with a close and comfortable shave.

And the shaving head moves to 8 different directions and get to up to 20 percent more hair to the good shave. Its contour detecting technology with V-Track precision blades gets to the bottom of your curves to fetch out and cut the hairs that are straight lying down.

Being installed with the rechargeable battery to last for 60 minutes ensures it to be listed amongst the best electric shaver for men. The LED display indicates you when the battery is low and getting the travel lock on to make sure it does not start/turn on by accident.

  • Rotary head which easily moves to 8 directions; best for close shave.
  • Attached with the beard trimmer to get into the style.
  • Integrated SmartClean function and the charging station.
  • Travel case to pack and take with you.
  • Blades seem to be dull to cut the hard-formed hair.

10. Remington F5-5800

Remington F5-5800

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Our last pick of the best electric shaver for men is the addition of Remington F5-5800, designed in the black color and holding the intercept saving technology to trim down the long hairs. So if you are prone to get the beard grown quickly, you do not need to press down the shaver thanks to its pivot and flex foil systems which gets you the smooth results.

And the pop-up trimmer that pulls out of nowhere comes with the long stick to get even the closest shave and grooming to style your beard and the mustache. Made washable to clean out all of the left hairs and everything that comes down to the foil.

Charge it for complete 2 hours and it will let the battery last for 60 minutes when used at the full power. When you expect from your electric shave to bring you the power and the technology, you are landed on the right product to be proud of.

  • Pivot and the flex foil keep the shaver closer to your skin.
  • Intercept shaving technology for pre-trimming the ingrown hairs.
  • Goes for up to 60 minutes after charge.
  • Quite affordable!
  • Takes about 2 hours to get fully charged.
  • It would be a time-taking task to get closer and smooth shave.

Best Electric Shaver for Men Buyer’s Guide

For buying anything, there come the definite and important elements you should know beforehand. And the same we are going to repeat for you so that you can comfortably and conveniently buy the best electric shaver for men without a single hesitation.

As it is evident the market is swiftly evolving with a change of technology, it is quite a difficult task to keep up with the changing trend and what is the market hold for you. So, this buying guide for the electric shaver is for everyone;

  • The people who have NOT bought the electric shave in their entire life.
  • And… the people who have the old-school electric shaver (and the upgrade is a mess for ’em!)

We will be listing up the exact features, the technology used, and the things that you should always consider before deciding to purchase the electric shaver, and they are summarized for the easy understanding;

  1. The purpose of shaving
  2. Make
  3. Power
  4. Electric shaver types
  5. Options of cleanliness
  6. Price range
  7. Availability and replacement of electric shaver parts
  8. Portability

1) The purpose of shaving

Do you happen to shave every single day to keep your face away from hair?

Or maintaining the beard to be in style?

And if you are good to NOT shave for a few days and then cut it all?

First, ask these questions from yourself but do not worry as we have the answer to all these three/3 situations.

Situation #1: Shave every day

That is not a problem to shave every single day even if the people stop you to NOT do that.

Yeah, it can turn out to become a problematic sign to rub your face every day IF and IF you do not own the right type of the electric shaver.

So, choose the foil-based electric shaver and you are good to go. The foil blade shavers get separated with the thin metal that does not let the blades touch your skin and hence you would not feel any irritation and itching after the shave is done.

Believe me, the foil blades are best suited to people with sensitive skin. Try it and thank me later! 🙂

Situation #2: Shave after the interval

Not a fan of the daily shave? No problem at all!

The rotary-based blades are your solution to deal with the long hairs to cut them out from the root.

Rotary shavers are installed with the spinning discs along with floating heads that reach to every facial contour despite the depth and design.

So, a rotary based electric shaver is the real hardcore tool to free your face from the mess! 🙂

Situation #3: Maintaining the beard a.k.a. trim, trim, and TRIM!

The style needs total carefulness. And you have plans to style your beard, not the rotary and foil blade electric razors can do a good job…

Well… Do not lose hope, please as most modern electric shavers come with the in-designed and pop-up trimmer to get your sideburns and ingrown hairs cut off the beard to make the maintenance of your beard’s style possible as a piece of cake without you going to the barber.

2) Make

Whatever the material used to design the electric shaver but in the end, it has to be powerful enough to withstand the pressure and give an excellent grip as you can expect the holding hands might be wet.

Most of the electric shavers are made of inject-molded plastic, PCBA to place all the electrical components, and the few metal sheet components to produce the electric shaver which does not slip out of your grip.

3) Power

I believe this is the section to make you realized with what kind of the electric shave you get — either the corded one or the battery-run.

And you should opt for the battery one because of many reasons. Though the old-schooled electric shavers ad the only choice to be powered-on using the cord, and the corded one greatly disturbs in the middle of a shave.

But that is not just the only reason for NOT having the corded one as it could be dangerous to invite the electric shock because you cannot always use it in dry conditions.

While the electric shave could be used for a good while but understand the power deficiency of the batter-run because of lacking to powering it up using the real electricity.

4) Electric shaver types

Not the type though but one necessary feature that you should expect from your electric shaver.

And that is going to be the compatibility of using under wet and dry conditions.

Luckily, almost all of the electric shavers are coming with this added feature to be used on the dry face OR after applying the shaving cream/gel and get them in contact with water.

5) Options of cleanliness

You cannot just let your electric shave place in the drawer without cleaning it. And not just the ordinary cleaning procedure can make your call of cleanliness get done.

Imagine the usage of electric shaver on the sensitive skin which can fetch the infectious elements stuck into the foil/rotary blades. So, it is highly recommended to completely clean it out.  While the most expensive ones have their built-in disinfection system to kill all the germs.

6) Price range

It is not less than a fact that how much one can spend, he is to enjoy the quality and the long-lasting product.

Though there are the cheap electric shavers available in the market and they come with a compromisingly lower-standard of quality.

Set your budget, your needs mapped down, and look for the good unit that fits well to meet with all of ’em!

7) Availability and replacement of electric shaver parts

Have you had this question? If so, the better is to make a contact first to the supplier to know if they can get you the replacement of parts.

A good electric shaver can easily last for up to 6 months to 12 months but that is not it because the foil, blades or other similar components would be needed to replace after the continuous usage.

So, inquire about it and you are done.

8) Portability

You should see this important element in a different scenario to get it molded within, and let me allow to pinpoint some for you;

a) Cordless

b) Rechargeable either with integrated battery or the AA batteries

And these two set scenarios make the electric shaver travel-friendly and ready to go with you.

FAQs for the electric shavers

Have the possible questions to ask, and we know that you do!

Let’s hop onto ’em!

Q1: Why electric shavers are better than ordinary blade-run razors?

Ans.: Technology. Convenience. And they give the shave faster than the ordinary blade-run manual razors.

Q2: What is the best electric shaver for men?

Ans.: Any and accordance with your skin type and the use.

For daily usage, go for the foil-blade shaver. And if you do the shave after some intervals and let the beard to catch the length, make sure you get to own the rotary-motorized electric shaver.

Q3: Are electric shavers allowed with a carry-on to flights?

Ans.: Yes, they are and under the luggage as well as in a carry-on.

Q4: What is the best electric razor for elderly man?

Ans.: And, I suggest the rotary-motorized one because it reaches every curve and every facial contour of an elderly man to give him the comfort and closer shave.

BOUNS: How to inexpensively clean the electric shavers

Today’s electric shavers come with the equipment to clean them but let me share the inexpensively common cleaning process;


  • Sprinkle the few drops of warm tap water at the top of foils/rotary based electric shavers.
  • Spread little drops of water mixed with soup.
  • Turn on the shaver.
  • Take the head in direct contact of warm tap water and rinse the head with the shaver continuously running.
  • Now, turn off the razor and take out the shaving head with rinsing it through the tap water again.
  • After a minute or two, shake the razor to take out the excess water and place it to get completely air-dried.

So, these much of the effort you should have to deal with after every shave and expect your electric shave to be operational for the good while.


Now that as our hunt of 10 best electric shavers for men is about to get concluded, we tried with our best to bring you the finest review, the right information, and the overview to defend as to why electric shavers are the need of this modern era.

That is for sure as they bring the convenience and ease of tackling this hard task which saves you the bucks and time from going to the barbershop when in hurry.

So, investing in conversing the time for yourself is ALWAYS the best investment you could ever do.

Keep ti with yourself and enjoy life worry-free! 🙂

Adeel Sami

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