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10 Best Budget crossbows 2021 | Revealed & Reviewed

best budget crossbows for huntingTill now we have reviewed the best crossbows and best deer hunting crossbows but if we read on those reviews and check the price of those crossbows, they are pretty expensive and most of them are even above $1000. This time I decided to review the best budget crossbows so that each crossbow lover could have it.

The most important factors that I know about the crossbows are the ones that are lightweight, fast and have low draw weight but still deliver more kinetic energy.

Most of the people go for the wrong crossbow after knowing that it’s a cheap one and later on they regret buying it. It’s not about buying a cheap crossbow but buying a crossbow that is good in price and also delivers satisfactory results. Yes, this is all what the best budget crossbows list I compiled for you means. Most of the crossbows featured in the list are under $500 and most of them are even $300. With that said, let’s proceed to the list and reveal them for you.

Best Budget crossbows 2021

Advancement is making the crossbows more advance. We struggled to pick the best crossbows for you guys and compiling a list for an easy pick.

1. Karnage Apocalypse crossbow Review

Karnage Apocalypse crossbow Review

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It wasn’t long ago when Karnage Apocalypse took place in the market and blew everyone’s mind with its amazing design, features and the most important which is the price tag of under $300. Yes, the crossbows is that affordable and hunting friendly. The one thing that impressed me is the blazing velocity of the crossbow with more hitting power and is able to take on anything that comes in your way during hunting. With that said, let’s go through all the crossbow accessories that Karnage Apocalypse is providing to its users.



A long story short, the crossbow has a decent design that would impress anyone, by that I mean it’s compact and good looking. The camouflage color takes this bad boy to a whole new level. If you have any doubts just have a look at it and you’ll know that what I said is 100% correct. Speaking of its weight, the 7.5 pounds wouldn’t allow any crossbow hunter to get exhausted because it’s light enough and narrow with 18 inches of width when cocked.

Features And Performance

The 4x32mm mounted scope has lots of things to say. First of all, it’s multi-reticle and the second thing that impressed me, even more, is the focusing eyepiece that takes the scope to a whole new level. The bolts on the crossbows are made out of carbon and yes they are called the K20 bolts. The package offers 3 of them and you can use the 3 arrows quiver to get hold of them.

Despite such low price, the Karnage Apocalypse crossbow is still categorized in the fastest crossbows, you know why? because it has a maximum velocity of 370 FPS with a draw weight of 175 pounds. The draw weight is a bit high but it’s the only thing responsible for delivering 111 ft. lbs of kinetic energy which results in the highest velocity that this best budget crossbow offers to crossbow enthusiasts.


One of the best budget crossbows with more hit power, velocity, compact and lightweight design. The bow is basically made for hardcore hunting lovers and considered as the best companion for them in the hunting fields. The bow is worth having because it’s good quality and affordable.

  • One of fastest crossbow so far in the list.
  • Good dimensions that make the crossbow compact.
  • Downrange accuracy at it’s the highest level.
  • Easy to sight in the scope.
  • Affordable crossbow for anyone.
  • Make noise on flying the arrow.
  • Unexpected draw weight.

2. Xtremepowerus Reverse Crossbow Review

Xtremepowerus Reverse Crossbow Review

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Xtremepowerus Reverse crossbow is kinda new addition to the list, first of all, it’s reverse mean, on the design, it’s not the same as other best crossbows in the list. The price tag on the crossbow might shock some of you but keeping everything in mind as the design, speed, and dimension, it’s worth having it in such budget. However, let me tell you, the crossbow is heavier than many best crossbow in the market. let’s dive into the actual review of the Xtremepowerus reverse draw crossbow.



The first and foremost, a crossbow speed is barely essential for taking on any game with more power. With that said, the Xtemepowerus flies an arrow at the speed of 320 FPS which is proved to be slower than the one crossbow that I reviewed at number #1 with having the same draw weight of 175 pounds. Regardless, the crossbow is best on the design side which will make any crossbow enthusiast attractive to itself on a first glimpse. In comparison to the first crossbow reviewed in the list, the kinetic energy delivered by this crossbow is much lower with 90 ft per pounds.


The featured bolts one Xtremepowerus Reverse crossbow are 3 made out of carbon with the length of 20 inches having a 3 arrows quiver that is capable of getting hold of them. For a perfect grip, the crossbow offers 2 hexagonal wrenches added for a cause of hitting the target accurately. The 3 x 32 mm scope good, I am not saying it’s the best one but in comparison to other, it has the capability to maintain the accuracy in a proper manner. I am not impressed with the design at all because the 9.2 pounds weight is much difficult for me to carry where for a strong person there isn’t any problem.


The first best reverse crossbow categorized in best budget crossbows with more power, perfect downrange accuracy, and fast speed. I would recommend it for crossbows enthusiasts who are new to this game and want to go on a professional level. Regardless of weight, go for it if you want to hunt down any prey or want to improve your hunting skills.

  • Good speed.
  • Better downrange accuracy.
  • Best for hunting and target shooting.
  • Perfect grip.
  • Good quality scope.
  • Best budget crossbow.
  • Noise free.

  • Heavier than i thought.

3. Crosman Centerpoint XR175 Recurve Crossbow Package Review

Crosman Centerpoint XR175 Recurve Crossbow Package Review

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Yet another best budget crossbow in the list and guess what, it’s super affordable with under $200 price range. Despite the fact that it’s a bit slow in speed but is a better option for target shooting and just because beginner would love to play around with it, the XR175 became our third pick categorized in best recurve crossbows. Much of a talk i guess, let’s get into XR175 crossbow review.



Flying an arrow with 245 FPS would be a whole new experience for a beginner’s level crossbows lover were shooting a target with it is extremely easy as it’s light enough for beginners. The downrange accuracy is perfect even for a better experience the crossbow offers a 3 dot sight 1x 40mm scope so that when you go out there for some real game hunt with any other crossbow, you would have the knowledge of how the whole thing works.


No doubt in this that the XR175 is one of the best budget crossbows and even it’s a cheaper crossbow that you can buy right away but the problem with that is the draw weight that it has, I am never impressed with 175 pounds to draw weight as it takes me lots of effort in cocking the crossbow. Many crossbows that I have seen my entire life are compatible with 20-inch arrows but unlike those, the Crosman Centerpoint XR175 supports 16 inches of bolts along with the arrow quiver.

However, the stroke length is 10 inches and matter of fact the crossbow is extremely lightweight with 5.75 pounds. With this much weight, I think anyone would be able to handle such crossbow plus the rail lube, bow stringer and rope cocking device are also included in the package. The bow doesn’t come fully assembled. You need to do that by reading the instructions manual that the Crosman Centerpoint XR175 crossbow is offering you.


Not a much impressive recurve crossbow for professionals but yes, for beginners it’s a nice pick with decent features and specs. Starting up a your crossbows life, the Centerpoint XR175 is one of the best budget crossbows that you can buy right away.

  • Decent speed.
  • Best for beginners.
  • Rope cocking device included.
  • A mounted scope for better shooting experience.
  • Extremely light and compact.

  • More draw weight as compare to speed.
  • Noisy.

4. Bear Archery Fortus Crossbow review

Bear Archery Fortus Crossbow review

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Say hi to our other best budget crossbow, the Bear archery Fortus, a traditional crossbow with most of the power and fastest speed. Assembling any crossbow isn’t difficult if you have the proper equipment and tools and you had experience with the crossbow right? Even if you have no experience with it, you are still in a win-win situation because from instructions manual to assembling hardware, the fortus crossbow package offers everything. We’re not done here, I have even more interesting facts to tell you about this crossbow.



The design is compact with a 21.5-inch axle to axle width that allows you to hang it anywhere during hunting where it’s a tree stand or and ground blinds, whatever seem suitable for you. By saying more power and speed at the beginning of the Bear archery fortus review meant that it delivers a velocity of 350 FPS and hits the target with much force that the flying arrow might penetrate through the target or a game that you’re chasing for a hunt.


Most of the crossbow scopes that I have seen had shown satisfactory results but the one that comes with the Bear archery fortus known as the Trophy Ridge XF425 Scope doesn’t really work that appropriate that I expected. The other accessories in the package are top of the line for this one seemed unimpressive. The 20-inch arrows are compatible with the crossbow and we received 3 of them in the package having the field tips alongside with the Picatinny quiver for holding the bolts.

Specification And Features

Having the weight of 7.8 pounds is quite normal for a traditional crossbow but the problem with that is the front side is a feels a bit heavy but that’s fine if you’re used to crossbows. The draw weight of 180 pounds is also a normal fact that I found in many other best crossbows but regardless of that, there are also many other crossbows like Scorpyd VTEC extreme that has the ability to have required 135 fps and can still fly an arrow with more velocity. But without comparison, that one is an expensive crossbow and the Bear archery fortus is one of the best budget crossbows and still offers too many features under $300.


A good looking and compact crossbow built for large game hunting like Elk, deer, buffalo or any other small game like rabbit, fox etc. If you’re kinda a person that is looking for a best budget crossbow, the Bear archery fortus is a best choice to make.

  • Powerful and faster.
  • Compact design and lightweight.
  • Best accurate mounted scope.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Good quality arrows.

  • More draw weight.

5. SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543 Review

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543 Review

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Introducing to you one of another best budget crossbows with super compact design and lightweight plus it’s also good in velocity. Although you can’t hunt a bigger game like Moose or Bear with it as much as I am concerned you can hunt a large game like deer, Elk and any small game like rabbit, fox, etc. If you’re a big fan of target shooting I think the SA Sports Fever is the best one. Matter of fact it has some decent things to offer. So let’s proceed to that.



The first and foremost thing is that the crossbow is super lightweight with 4.8 pounds where the overall length is 31 inches having the power stroke of 11.5 inches. However, the draw weight is a bit high for the speed of 245 FPS but as the SA Sports Fever is one of the best budget crossbows and it comes cheap and doesn’t offer the higher level technologies I think it’s not that much of a problem. You can still consider it a beginner’s level crossbow. With that said let’s proceed with what the crossbow offers for you.

Unbox The Package

The package offers a multi-range 4 x 32mm scope for beginners to leverage it for professional hunting skill and yes it’s accurate and sighted in straight out of the box. There also comes a padded shoulder sling for better comfort and the arrows quiver that isn’t attached to the crossbow. You need to attach it to your crossbow during the assembling process. Moreover, the SA Sports Fever has the 4 16 inches off bolts that are made out of aluminum. Cocking the crossbow is now much easier with the rope cocking device.


You’re probably a beginner to the crossbows game right? And you might be confused about the assembling process of the crossbow which you don’t need to because the package has all the necessary tools and instruction manual for you that will help you out. Plus after buying it, if you feel like you need to repair or replace the crossbow, you got the warranty card within the package that you can use in the future for your satisfaction.


SA Sports Fever Crossbow package is the best option for beginners and has all the necessary crossbow accessories to help them step up their game to professional hunting. However, you can still be hunting with it but for a very large game like Moose and Bear, it’s not recommended. Use the crossbow for deer hunting and other small games.

  • Cheap in price.
  • Acceptable velocity.
  • Has the 4 x 32mm scope.
  • Best for small game hunting.

  • Not as accurate as expensive crossbows.
  • Low-quality bolts that can break easily.

6. Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow Review

Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow Review

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Let’s step up the game to one of the best quality crossbows, the Barnett Recruit Terrain. The bow has made a great reputation among the high quality and best budget crossbows over the years. The reason for that is the offered speed, accuracy and power by this crossbow within the affordable price. so without further ado, let get into the Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow review. should we?



We must admit, Barnett makes no excuses for the design and built quality. They always delivered us with the crossbows that are compact and lightweight and same is the case with Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow having the width of 18.25 inches and length of 34.25 inches that makes it compact while weighs 6.4 pounds for any professional crossbow shooter. I have to mention, the crossbow would be easy to use for professionals. It’s not like it can’t be used by beginners but for having a better experience, the beginners level crossbow is recommended for them.

Unbox The Package

Most of Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow come assembled straight out of the box but there are certain parts that you need to fix up by reading the user manual before going out to fields for some real game hunt. Most of the best budget crossbows that we reviewed above doesn’t offer any kind of technology to get hold of the vibrations and make the crossbow noise free, but unlike others, the Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow comes with anti-vibration stirrup and a silencer. Moreover, the Trigger tech technology is also included in the crossbow which is a great feature.

Features And Performance

The Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow has other things to offer too like the 4 x 32 mm scope alongside the dry fire technology plus the knock sensor. In comparison to other crossbows in the list, the draw weight is much lower with 140 pounds but still delivers the highest velocity of 330 FPS with the kinetic energy of approximately 92 ft/pound. The rope cocking device offered by the crossbow package makes it easy to pull without applying much force. A crossbow must have an arrows quiver and the Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow has it with 2 20 inches of headhunter bolts that come in the package.


Hence the best budget crossbow with a lot more hitting power and speed alongside with the all required technologies that you need in a professional level crossbow. The build quality is amazing and the design looks appealing. Anyone would love to with this bad boy. I would personally recommend it for professionals. If you are a beginner, I would not recommend this to you. Instead, start with the beginner’s level crossbow reviewed at #5 of the list.

  • Affordable crossbow yet fast and accurate.
  • All built from the good quality material, the stainless steel.
  • Noise and vibration free.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Good quality bolts.
  • Designed for professionals.

  • Might difficult to use for beginners.
  • The scope needs improvements.

7. PSE Vector 310 Crossbow Package Reviews

PSE Vector 310 Crossbow Package Reviews

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High velocity, compact design and perfect downrange accuracy in a crossbow is the key to happy hunting. isn’t it? Getting all of this at an affordable price is something that adds more spice to the hunter’s life. And yes, PSE Vector 310 is one of those best budget crossbows that provides everything at its best. With that being said let’s open the doors to  PSE Vector 310 review and let you know what we think about it.



It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional with weapons like a crossbow, the PSE vector 310 is for everyone which delivers the speed of 310 FPS with the kinetic energy of 85 ft/pound. The draw weight that it requires is around 150 pounds which might be a bit more for newbies but as much time you will spend with the crossbow, you will get used to it.


Speaking of its dimensions, the Vector 310 crossbow is a fine weapon with a width of 15.25 inches when uncocked. However, the width comes down to 12.25 inches when you cock the crossbow while it weighs only 6.5 pounds which is easy to carry without any doubt. With that said, let me reveal to you what exactly the PSE Vector 310 crossbow package offers you.

3 20 inches of bolts made out of carbon along with 3 arrow quivers is a pretty decent offer by the Vector 310 crossbow. Another interesting specification is the 4 x 32mm mounted a scope which is accurate. And sight in already as soon as you unbox the crossbow. The anti-dry fire and automatic safety trigger are some other interesting features included in the crossbow package. Moreover, a pretty decent power stroke of 11.5 inches and a rail lube is also offered by the PSE Vector 310 crossbow package.


PSE Vector 310 is categorized in best budget crossbows that offers some decent specifications, More power, speed and most important, it’s downrange accuracy is on a whole new level. A good option for both newbies and professionals. Newbies can leverage it a lot before stepping in to professional level.

  • Super accurate and powerful.
  • Faster with 310 FPS.
  • Compact yet lightweight.
  • Safe to use with safety features.
  • Easy to handle and use.

  • More draw weight for newbies.
  • Doesn’t offer any case.

8. Spider 150 Compound Crossbow Review

Spider 150 Compound Crossbow Review

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Let’s get into a one best cheap crossbows for beginners, the Spider 150 compound crossbow. It’s not that powerful as other crossbows but with this price tag, it’s worth having it. Because the velocity of 250 FPS is something acceptable for beginners. My recommendation is that if you have the urge to start the hunting life and have no experience with such weapons. Start spider 150 and once you feel like you are good at shooting, move on to a different crossbow. Much of a talk I guess, let’s review the spider 150 compound crossbow.


Spider 150 named after finding out that the crossbow has the maximum draw weight of 150 pounds. Yes, it’s a large number for 250 FPS but regardless, it’s also cheap in price. And it’s the best that the crossbow could offer at such price. Moreover, the interesting part is that the package has more arrows to offer, a 6 20 inches arrows along with broadheads. And 6 arrow quivers and the most important is the rope cocking device. And the multi-reticle scope having the which is offered by the crossbow.


The spider 150 isn’t recommended for too large games like moose. Elk but you can use it for deer hunting regardless. Assembling the spider 150 is much harder than I expected. If you’re a newbie, instead of following the manual, go to the archery shop and find someone experienced to assemble it for. The problem was, I have to even assemble the scope and all other parts by looking at other crossbows. As the crossbow is manufactured in China so everything isn’t following the standard. You have to figure out everything by reading the manual.


A fine best budget crossbow for beginners with compact design, power and speed. If you’re about to start your hunting life and need some experience, go for spider 150, one of the best compound crossbows.

  • Velocity of 250 FPS.
  • light weight.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Cheap price tag.
  • Good for small game hunting and target shooting.
  • Offers a scope.

  • More draw weight.
  • Hard to assemble.

9. Manticore SAS Crossbow review

Manticore SAS Crossbow review

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Are you searching for a crossbow under $100 which faster and accurate? so I guess you found because Manticore SAS is the cheapest crossbow in the list with the maximum speed of 320 FPS. The crossbow is extremely low on draw weight which is around 70 pounds. Other than that I have more things to share with you guys, keep on reading the Manticore SAS crossbow review.



Speaking of design, the Manticore SAS is a simple looking crossbow with black color. Nothing fancy but in that level of simplicity, it has the capability to attract anyone on a first glimpse. The overall brace height of 7 inches and a length of 19 – 30 inches is something. That makes this affordable crossbow compact. Moreover, it’s one fine light crossbow with 3.85 pounds making it an extremely easy carry. And handle without facing any problems with it along with 31 inches from axle to axle.


Many crossbows in the market like Ravin or some from Barnett requires the branded arrows but unlike them. The Manticore SAS can handle any bolts that you provide. Matter of fact, it accepts only 30 inches of aluminum bolts which are longer in length. However, assembling the crossbow might be a bit difficult for beginners. For using I refer the instructions manual which the package offers.


Maniticore SAS is a cheapest and best budget crossbow that deliver the fastest speed of 320 FPS. You won’t find such speed in many other crossbow under such price. A fine choice for beginner’s level crossbows lovers.

  • Extremely fast.
  • Decent design.
  • Lightweight.
  • No branded arrows.
  • Can take on large game.
  • Best for target shooting.

  • Hard to assemble
  • Low-quality scope.

10. Barnett Outdoors BCR Recurve Crossbow Review

Barnett Outdoors BCR Recurve Crossbow Review

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Till now the best budget crossbows that we added to the list are under $300 or even more than that. At least some of them right? But unlike those the Barnett outdoors BCR is cheaper with the speed of 245 FPS. That requires the draw weight of 150 pounds and kinetic energy of 54 ft/pound. It’s perfect, right? It was, just about the main factors. The crossbow has, even more, to offer so let’s hop into the Barnett outdoors BCR recurve crossbow review.


The Assembling Process

Let’s start with assembling the crossbow which is pretty much easy. The crossbow comes pre-strung straight out of the box. All you have to do is to install the nose bolt and for that first, you have to remove it. And also the safety tag and then place the nose bolt loosely where it was before. Next, you have to install the pressure pad and other accessories by simply following the user manual. When you’re done with all of this. Now it’s time to sight in the scope and you are ready to go.

What Comes In The Box

What comes in the box is something amazing with such a cheap price. First of all, the package has the sniper 150 crossbows itself along with the 3 arrows. It is 18 inches in length having the 3 arrows quiver for them. Offers a premium red dot scope plus the tools and hardware that is required for assembling the crossbow. Moreover, the Barnett company also offers you a 5 years warranty card. Also a user manual for the crossbow for which I am thankful to Barnett.


The crossbow is powerful and has the capability to take on anything with high speed. And perfect downrange accuracy even for 50 yards. Everything was perfect while shooting but there were some downsides for the crossbow too. A number is the rope cocking device which the Barnett outdoors BCR package doesn’t offer to its users. The second downside is the sighting in the scope which is a bit hard. Moreover, you can use the crossbow for large game hunting.


One of the best recurve crossbows that are categorized in the best budget crossbows having all the necessary power. Speed and accuracy for taking on large game like deer plus you can use it for target shooting. Weight only 4.9 pounds with the compact design. Having the length of 32.5 inches and the power stroke of 12.5 inches. If you’re professional and wanting a crossbow for hunting, here is the Barnett outdoors BCR, a fine flagship for everyone.

  • Fast and accurate.
  • Premium scope.
  • easy to assemble.
  • easy to use.
  • Affordable.

  • No rope cocking device.
  • Not for too large game hunting.


Here you have it, the list of best budget crossbows that took us a month to review them. And add all the required information that will help you find your best budget crossbow. We have also created buyer’s guides for the crossbow lovers. You can find the guides at the end of our two other articles mentioned at the beginning of this one.

Check them out if you’re still confused in picking up the fine crossbow. This is all from our side, we expect to have your feedback in the comment box. You can ask us anything regarding the crossbows and we’ll answer them as soon as we get to it. We always appreciate your queries and feedback. For more reviews regarding best crossbows or technology, outdoors health and beauty related product reviews, keep visiting leopardots because of post every two weeks.

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