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Best Antivirus Reviews 2021 | Free & Paid Virus Protection Software

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Malware attacks an operating system like a group of leopards attacks a deer. isn’t it? But in case of operating systems, you have an option of the best antivirus that can protect your system. It is important to keep your data safe from any external interference.

The Security of your operating system is important. There is a free antivirus and paid package and according to my views, paid antivirus is the best option. However, some of the windows users are not even ready to pay for an Antivirus.

They think if there’s free best Antivirus available out there in the market then why should we pay for it. Perhaps they don’t know that free version antiviruses don’t provide them with full security.

Speaking of Android users, they simply think that they don’t even need security.

But the truth is, any system can get harmed by malware. Whether it’s windows, Android, MAC or iOS. If you don’t have the best virus protection system with full functionalities in one of these operating systems or even if you have a free version of any antivirus, somehow you’re going to lose your system’s protection.

Best Antivirus Reviews 2021


As I mentioned earlier free system security doesn’t offer you the services that you need and the antivirus Softwares that I am about to mention might look expensive to some of you. But what these best antiviruses are offering is just amazing. It keeps your system safe from malicious sites that may harm your computer.

Moreover, it keeps your browser secure and you can make financial transactions online safely. The security system alerts you in case any malware enters your system so that you can scan your system and make your system secure. I think these are the things that we do not find in free versions.

So without further ado, let’s get into Best Antivirus Reviews.

1. BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2021

best antivirusThe first best antivirus that I added to our list is BitDefender plus 2021 with more than 500M users around the world. This might seem to you a bit expensive with $39.9 price tag as the antivirus can be used for only one system. But the BitDefender plus has more to offer. Let’s find out in Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2021 review. From years BitDefender’s engine is performing great for 500M users with reliability and accuracy. Especially when you are into online financial transactions. It keeps your transactions safe and even it stops you from accessing malicious sites and even it alerts you against dangerous sites in search engines that can harm your system.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2018 comes with a password manager that automatically adds your credit card details into online forms.

Aside from that, there are also one or two issues with the antivirus. It might conflict with some of your programs and unlike other antiviruses out there in the market. It may grab more of your resources than average. But overall, the BitDefender Antivirus plus 2018 is accurate, reliable and comes with great performance. Moreover, it also offers some extra features that can claim this price.

  • Accurate.
  • Reliable.
  • Great performance.
  • Comes with password manager.
  • Grabs more resources.

2. Norton Security Premium Review

best antivirusHere comes another best antivirus in our list, the Norton Security premium. Some of you might have a question that, How the Norton security premium edition is better than its free version. Well, there’s a difference. The trial version offers you one month plan with limited features. However, the premium version has more to offer. The antivirus has excellent malware detection that means it detects the harmful malware and kills them before it causes any to your system. Moreover, the Norton Security premium also offers 25GB of online backup and that is the interesting part.

Aside from that, the subscription of a security package might be costly. But guess what, the package offers you to use the software for 10 devices.

The software works perfectly in removing spyware, malware and even it provides security against harmful websites with easy to use interface and some extra features. In short, I would say, it’s the best ally to a device.

The problem with this software package is that it slows down the device a bit that might be a headache for some of you.

  • Its interface is easy to use.
  • Phenomenal performance.
  • 25GB cloud storage.
  • Can be used for 10 devices.
  • Slows down the device.

3. WebRoot Secure Anywhere Review

best antivirusAs clear from its name, WebRoot SecureAnyWhere is another best antivirus in our list designed for cybersecurity. It was developed in 1997 by a Colorado-based company named as WebRoot that has a great reputation for developing security software from many years. WebRoot SecureAnyWhere is the fastest antivirus that performs fast scans and due to its lightweight, the antivirus has no effect on the PC’s performance.

The package comes with a webroot firewall that protects the system from malicious attacks. It even blocks the harmful URLs. However, the interface looks a bit complicated at the beginning, but you’ll get used to it as soon as you start using it.

Moreover, other than windows, the software is also compatible with Linux, iOS, MAC, loin and up. The package offers you 1-year subscription and can be used for 5 devices.

Aside from all of that, WebRoot SecureAnyWhere antivirus isn’t capable of excluding folders from the scan which is one of the let downs for the anti-virus. But overall the anti-virus is reliable, accurate, lightweight and fast.

  • Fast performance.
  • 15GB of hard drive occupation.
  • Has no effect on the device’s speed.
  • 1-year subscription for 5 devices.
  • Comes with intelligent firewall.
  • No folders exclusions during scans.

4. Kaspersky Total Security Review

best antivirusYou might have heard about Kaspersky web security antivirus which is the one the best malware software in the market. However, the features depend on the price. The more you pay for it, the more features rich the security system will be. Here are the packages. But let’s just not talk about it in details and without further ado, let’s get straight into Kaspersky Total Security Review. As I mentioned earlier it’s one of the best antiviruses out there in the market. Kaspersky Total Security provides features like anti-spam control, webcam protection, Headphones protection and also provides protection to your online transactions.

Moreover, the Kaspersky Total Security also offers a dropbox cloud feature with 2GB storage. In Short, it’s the best security option for Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android.

Aside from that as I mentioned earlier the more price the package has, the more its features rich. But the package with a low price doesn’t provide many features. Some of the examples are: Limited to one device and has low subscription time.

  • Best malware protection.
  • Protection to your Headphones and webcam.
  • Features rich depending on price.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Customizable to high degree.
  • Low price packages are not features rich.

5. McAfee Antivirus Review

best antivirusHere comes the last best antivirus in our list. I must say it’s not as good as another antivirus on our list but still a good choice with the features McAfee Antivirus is providing. McAfee Antivirus one year subscription provides unlimited licenses so that you can protect all of your devices. To some extinct, this security system will remove malware from your device. But unlike other best antivirus in our list, McAfee doesn’t detect all of the malware on your system.

The company also included a feature for PC gamers that helps them to avoid any annoying pop-ups during playing games. But all you have to is turn on that feature.

In free McAfee Antivirus free version, i noticed that it deleted some of the small programs from my PC. You should be careful about your important data before running a scan when using a free version.

  • Good performance to some extinct.
  • Complete protection to web-enabled devices.
  • Cheap in price.
  • Easy to use.
  • Doesn’t detect many malware as compare to other antivirus.

Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Buying Antivirus

Aim for the security package that is features rich. You might be used to free version out there in the market but they’re not providing protection to the devices that are connected to the internet. Make sure you choose the security system that provides protection to your device from spammy URLs.

Moreover, always aim for the security system that is capable of detecting all the malware within your device. If the antivirus doesn’t provide you full protection, run away from that package.

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