Leopardots is an affiliate blog created in January 16 2017. Our prior goal is to unite people who are interested in technology. we are providing them with honest product reviews in the form of lists. We also offer the daily tech news  other than products reviews.


Leopardots Product Reviews

Our team do proper research on each product that we review. We also buy some of the products to properly test them. Although, we don’t buy all products for review purpose. Instead we go out there to different product companies on the internet and do proper research on their products to have better idea about their products. Recently we interviewed crossbow companies and headphones companies to have better understanding about their products and we added those information into our Crossbow Buyer’s Guide and Bluetooth Headphones Buyer’s Guide. The same way we’re covering other products too.

Leopardots do not make things complicated. We write reviews that are easy to understand by readers. We convey our message by using simple words so that readers do not face any problem when reading the reviews. Why use complicated words when we have simple words right?

We put every single detail about each product in our reviews so that people do not miss any detail about any product.

Leopardots Tech News

We terminated this category on September 19, 2017. 

Leopardots Giveaways

We are also offering monthly giveaways to our subscribers. You can simply subscribe us by putting your email address to our subscribe form on our sidebar. We Pick the winners randomly from out subscribers by using a special tool.

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