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Best Crossbows For Deer Hunting 2021 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best crossbows for deer hunting reviewsNo doubt Deer hunting was a way of living in early ages as it was one of the ways of survival and yes crossbows came way after a long time, in the 15th century by following the concept of bows. It was kinda new invention at that time but now that we’re living in the 21st century, we have the best crossbows for deer hunting from companies like Barnett, Ravin, Centerpoint, Excalibur, and few others.

Now I am not saying that the crossbows are better than the rifle. Of course, there is a big difference in speed, range and lots of other things but if you ask me which one is a fun way of hunting, with a crossbow or rifle? I would always choose the first option of picking up a crossbow for hunting is always thrilling. It even gets more thrilling when you hunt down a large game. isn’t it?

Saying that picking up the best crossbow for hunting from so many options out there in the market is easy. But doing that is much harder in this competitive world where all crossbow brands are busy competing with each other. That’s why people like me exist to provide you with the best crossbow reviews so that you make the right choice. so without taking it any further let me introduce to you our compiled list of best-hunting crossbows.

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Best Crossbows For Deer Hunting 2021

Here is the table for best crossbows for hunting deer embedded with the prioritized info that you should always look for in the best crossbow. Have a look..!

1. Ravin R29 Predator Review


As clear from its name, the R29 is a predator which took place in the market after the R20 release. The Ravin R29 Predator is one of the best-hunting crossbows, which is even more powerful than the R15 and R20 with 425 fps speed and I must say Ravin crossbows did a great job for introducing the Ravin predator to us.

The Crossbow is pre-tuned, assembled, faster and ready to hunt down a large game in a matter of seconds. With that being said, let’s proceed to the Ravin R29 crossbow review to let you know more about this beast. We are linking to a complete hunting package in this review.

Draw Weight

The draw weight on the R29 crossbow is 195lbs alongside with the 6 inches of stroke. The cocking device is fully integrated which makes it a perfect crossbow for deer hunting. Of course, each crossbow out there in the market comes with different weights and sizes where the Ravin R29 weighs 6.75 pounds which is a bit heavy than the other crossbows. The axle to axle length looks different when cocked. It comes down to 6 inches from 10.5 inches.


Not just the above-mentioned things, the R29 has a lot more things to offer. With that being said let’s jump into Ravin R29 predator specs. The crossbow comes with a 1.5 x 5 x 32mm illuminated Ravin scope that enables you to shoot at the target from 100 yards.

If you are looking for best crossbow bolts for hunting, the Ravin R29 has six of them alongside with the Ravin nocks. It’s one of the best crossbows that offers mounting bracket alongside with the Ravin quiver which is another factor that makes it one of the best crossbows for deer hunting.

What R29 Offers?

Let us know this! the R29 comes with the handle that offers versa draw cocking mechanism and the sling mounts that come built-in on the crossbow. The crossbow also offers the 100 grain of branded arrows which are 6 in number. You might be aware, if not, let me tell you: the Ravin R29 predator crossbow comes with the advanced Helicoil technology which coils cables away from the cams, both from top and bottom.

The other advantage is, it keeps the cams balanced while allowing them to rotate in 340 degrees while keeping the unmatched downrange accuracy on every shot you take.

No doubt the Ravin R29 predator is one of the best crossbows for deer hunting but with the Ravin brand, there comes one small problem. Almost everything I tried on the crossbow is perfect but if you need more arrows, you need to buy branded Ravin arrows, you can’t just go out there to the market and pick any arrows and think that it is perfect for your crossbow, no, you need to follow the brand once you get this crossbow. It’s the case with almost all Ravin crossbows.


Overall, the R29 crossbow is the best option for deer hunting which is powerful, fast, have a great design, offers some of the high-quality accessories that boost its performance in a great way plus the crossbow is easy to use.

Moreover, with a branded scope which has perfect downrange accuracy. Yes, the Ravin R29 predator is categorized expensive crossbows but as much as I am concerned with the crossbow, it’s worth it. if you can afford it go for it.

  • Faster than we expected
  • Perfect downrange accuracy
  • One of the best crossbows for deer hunting with a great design.
  • Powered with helicoil technology
  • Comes with the versa-draw cocking mechanism
  • Easy to cock and un-cock
  • An illuminated scope that can rotate at 340 degrees
  • 160.5 ft/lb of kinetic energy on arrow release

  • Expensive
  • Not for beginners
  • You always need branded arrows for R15 predator

Before we go into the next review I would like to introduce to all of the best crossbows accessories that can help you a lot in case you want to customize your crossbows.

2. Ravin R20 Crossbow Review


The Ravin R20 is the one badass flagship that joined the crossbows fray back in 2018. The R20 is even more powerful than its elder brother, the R9 and R15 and yes it’s the faster, accurate, reliable and the best crossbow for deer hunting. Nothing much has changed on the design side, but the beasty the Ravin crossbows has introduced is on another level on speed side and made its place in the list of our best crossbows for deer hunting. With that being said, let’s dive into the Ravin R20 crossbow review.


I am not going to talk much about the design as nothing much has changed on that side. You can have a look at the Ravin R20 review to get the information about the design. However, this time the weight is raised to 7.1 pounds which makes it a bit heavy than the R9 and R15. Moreover, the length, width, and power stroke are the same as its elder brother.


Without any doubt, the Ravin R20 is the professional crossbow for deer hunting or any other large game with the speed of 430 fps which means the crossbow eliminated itself from the fray of beginner’s level crossbows. The draw weight of the Ravin R20 crossbow is 12 lbs while it looks the same in width as R9 and R15 with a little difference of .5 inches when cocked and 10.5 inches when uncocked. The kinetic energy delivered by the Ravin R20 was 164 lbs and that’s the reason the speed increased from 425 fps as found in R20 to 430 fps.

The ultimate test

The Ravin R20 comes assembled, pre-tuned and ready to shoot any target as it comes straight out of the package. The only small assembling you need to do is to adjust the scope with perfect sight and attach the arrows quiver and you’re ready to go. The 340 degrees rotation on the scope is enabled because of the helicoil technology. There are also other advantages of helicoil technology on the Ravin r20 crossbow which are:

  • The vibration is reduced.
  • The noise that other crossbows create is reduced in Ravin R20 crossbow.
  • The above two mentioned advantages result in power increase and the crossbow got highly accurate.

We did no deer hunting with the crossbow but for testing purpose, we did some target shooting with it. To test the Ravin’s Friction-less Flight system we ran a test. The system allowed our crossbow bolts to float on the rail without causing any problems.  The only places the crossbow allowed us to touch were the string and the two rest rollers. The bolt that we fired has low friction that resulted in perfect downrange accuracy, power, and higher speed. Hence, the Ravin R20 proved itself to be one of the best crossbows for deer hunting.

One of the downsides that almost all Ravin crossbows have is that you would always need to buy the Ravin branded arrows once you get your hands on the there crossbows and yes it’s kinda annoying but to get better results it’s buying them would be better and it’s also good for the crossbow.


Overall, the Ravin R20 is one of the best hunting crossbows with ultimate power, accuracy, strength, design, and speed which allows to take on the largest game in a matter of seconds. The scope has high-quality optics and is durable plus powered with the anti-dry fire safety system. It’s easy to cock with the maximum force of 12 pounds with breaking the sweat and helicoil technology got the Ravin R20 to the next level. To explain it in one word, it’s a perfect crossbow for professional hunters.

  • Yet the best design in the crossbows world
  • Perfect downrange accuracy and durability
  • No tuning and assembling needed, the crossbow is ready to shoot as soon as it comes straight out of the box.
  • Comes with an anti-dry fire safety system
  • Ease of use

  • Requires branded arrows
  • A bit Heavy for beginners
  • Pricey

3. Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 Review


Let me introduce you to another insanely fast and one of the best crossbows for deer hunting, the Excalibur Matrix Mega 405. The reason it’s at #3 on our list because it’s a little slower than the above two crossbows reviewed. However, the 405 fps speed isn’t counted as slow. In-fact the Matrix Mega 405 categorized in insanely fast and best crossbows for hunting. Let’s know more about the Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 crossbow. Before getting into any other I would like to let you know about the safety features of the crossbow.

The Real Hunting Fun

Let’s get this straight, the Matrix Mega 405 is a powered with some the great features for safety. The crossbow is included with the Guardian anti-dry fire mechanism that helps to cock the Mega 405 without any flaw. The recoil energy dissipation system helps the crossbow to reduce any sort of noise, vibration or shock and keeps it completely silent. I just want to thank the Excalibur for adding such type string suppressors to the crossbow. The bow stringers are missing on the Excalibur Matrix Mega crossbow as it’s really important in the case where you need destringing your crossbow in harsh weather conditions. However, it’s not recommended in regular weather conditions as the crossbow is safe from warping and snapping.


The items offered by the Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 crossbow are worth having this best crossbow which includes a Twilight DLX scope built from high-quality material and optics. No doubt, it’s one of the best crossbows for deer hunting but unlike the ones at #1 and #2, it doesn’t come fully assembled except the string. However, Excalibur offers hardware and tools for assembling your crossbow.

There are 4 arrow quivers where you can adjust the 4 arrows that come within the package alongside with 4 150 grain field points. There is a rope cocking device that comes in a package to make it easy for the hunter to cock the Matrix Mega, one of the best hunting crossbows for deer hunting with ease plus the warranty card and a manual both in hard form and Soft form(DVD).

The Test

Shooting with the hunting crossbow was a nice experience. Coming out Ravin crossbows, the Excalibur Matric Mega 405 was a whole new experience. So I set my target in front of a big tree and gave it a try. I must admit, cocking the crossbow was a pain in the ass as it required more drawing force of 290 pounds. Despite, the cocking helped a lot.

I took my first shot from 20 yards and the hunting crossbow delivered kinetic energy of around 127 ft/lbs. The arrow went out of the crossbow at the speed of 405 fps as Excalibur claimed and proved it.  The other shot was taken from 50 yards and my groupings went from 1/4 inch to 1 inch in diameter.

Noise Experience

I didn’t experience any noise or vibration except a little tick on the arrow release. The Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 proved itself to be one of the best crossbows for deer hunting with powerful and accurate performance delivery. Hunting with a crossbow would a whole new experience and I am excited about that.

There are also some Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 problems. The number one is that it doesn’t offer any bow stringers and the pull length is longer than many other best crossbows available out in the market. The draw weight is much higher with 290 pounds which the only few problems with the crossbow.


It’s one of the powerful, fast, well built and accurate crossbows for professional hunters and can take on a large game in few seconds if everything is done properly. The scope is of high quality having some of the best optics that delivers a crisp and clear image of the target. The crossbow is having an expensive price tag but if we look at all specs and features, it worth even more. A long story short, it’s the best Excalibur crossbow for hunting deer or any other large game without any hesitation.

  • Beasty design
  • Powerful
  • Faster
  • Accurate
  • Delivers high kinetic energy
  • Insane mounted scope
  • Powered with R.E.D.S to reduce noise and vibration

  • Draw weight isn’t impressive
  • Bow stringers are missing
  • Have Long pull length

You thought we’re not adding any affordable crossbows for you in our best crossbows for hunting list? Yes, we did and we added lots of them. Most of them are from Barnett crossbows company. Let’s dive straight into the best crossbows for deer hunting that anyone out there can buy in their low budget.

4. Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II 350 FPS Crossbow Review


At number four we have one of the affordable crossbows, the Barnett Whitetail Hunter II one of the most powerful, accurate and on top of the line crossbow is every aspect. The crossbow has made it’s placed among the best crossbows for deer hunting as it offers many interesting specs and features for hunters around the world.

The Hunting Partner In-Depth

The whitetail hunter 2 has the maximum speed of 350 fps which is way better than many other best-hunting crossbows in the market. The beast delivers kinetic energy of 103 ft .lbs with each shot you take. The camo on the crossbow is on another level, it’s called the RealTree Extra and is really helpful intake on a large game plus the scope is 4x32mm multi-reticle.


The Draw weight of the Barnett Whitetail hunter 150 pounds which is a bit large number for beginners but not that large as the Excalibur Matrix Mega 405. The overall crossbow weighs only 6.4 pounds and is way better for carrying around the Barnett whitetail hunter 2 with ease. Moreover, it also includes the ADF(anti-dry fire) system. One of the coolest features that I liked about Barnett Whitetail Hunter II is the finger safely reminder to keep you safe from any sort of injury. The crossbow is completely adjustable on the butt side which one the good sides of this best hunting crossbow.

Offering Features

The hunting crossbow has even more to offer which includes the two 20 inches of headhunter arrows and the wax lubricant which helps in making your crossbow smooth and healthy so that it could work and last for years. Moreover, the rope cocking device and the custom laminated limbs are also offered by the Whitetail Hunter II. One of the interesting technologies that come in the crossbow is the triggertech that helps the bow in achieving the friction-less release.

You have to wait for a little for the scope to sight in the target to take a perfect shot and the safety and anti dry-fire system might not work sometimes which are only two problems the crossbow is having.


The crossbow is specialized for deer hunting with faster speed, accuracy, compact design. It’s one of the best hunting crossbows for deer hunting loaded with all the necessary technologies that a hunter always expect in a crossbow and yes the crossbow is affordable plus lightweight, carrying it around with you isn’t a big deal.

  • Specially built for hunting
  • Compact design
  • Vibration and noise-free
  • Faster than the whitetail hunter
  • Offered with a mounted scope
  • One of the accurate crossbows
  • Small dimensions
  • Offers full package and is ready to hunt

  • Anti-dry fire and safety system might break down sometimes
  • Sighting in a target on a scope might take time

5. Centerpoint Sniper 370 Review


Welcome to our fifth review on the best crossbow for deer hunting. The Centerpoint Sniper 370 has built a great reputation over the years and yes it’s way faster than the one we reviewed at number 4. The crossbow is built by the Crosman as known as the BB gun folks and yes they have added lots of best features that made sniper 370 crossbows made capable of occupying a place in our hunting crossbows reviews list. Let’s get into the details.

The Value

The crossbow has a maximum speed of 370 fps which makes the crossbow a powerful one. It’s accurate with the 4x32mm scope that sight in the target in no time. I soon came to know that how to tack driver this crossbow is and I was able to maintain the 1-inch pattern from 30 yards and from 40 yards the pattern goes up to 1.5 inches which proved that how accurate this flagship is.

But how is the crossbow powerful, let’s get to know. It has the 423 grains arrows plus delivers the kinetic energy of 128 ft.lbs which results in 370 fps speed which is way higher than the KE required for a take on a large game. It means the crossbow is powerful enough to take down deer, Bear, and buffalo with ease.

Assembling Process

If you’re assembling the Centerpoint Sniper 370 might be a little hard for you. The manual isn’t easy to understand. I would recommend to hand over the package to local bow tech so that they could assemble it for you. If you have gained much experience in assembling crossbows, do it yourself, no problem.

Offering Features

So let’s get to know what this flagship is offering. The package has the Centerpoint 370 crossbow itself with the 4 arrow quiver, a cocking rope alongside with the 20 inches of arrows. The shoulder sling is an important part of the crossbow which the sniper 370 offers. The 4x32mm scope is accurate enough to sight in and show a clear image of a target. Moreover, the instructions manual and a warranty card are also offered by the crossbow.

Assembling the crossbow might be difficult for newbies and then sometimes you’ll experience the trigger of the bow to creep which defines the two problems the sniper 370 is having. As much as I am concerned I found no other serious issues in the crossbow except these two.


The flagship proved itself to be one of the best crossbows for deer hunting having the compact and lightweight design, more speed, accuracy and technologies like anti-dry fire system.

  • Velocity of 370 fps
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Accurate scope
  • Easy to cock
  • Ant dry fire system

  • Hard to assemble for beginners
  • Sometimes the trigger creep

6. Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package Review


The reason I added the Barnett Jackal crossbow to our best crossbows for deer hunting list is that assembling it is absolutely easy which is good for beginners. It would probably take 10 to 15 minutes to fix everything and get the crossbow ready for hunting or target shooting plus it comes with a cheap price tag that anyone can afford. With that said I would like to jump into the Barnett Jackal crossbow package review.


The hunting crossbow delivers the velocity of 315 fps which way better for beginners and take on a deer or Elk from 40 or even 50 yards is an easy game for Barnett jackal with the 20 inch of arrows that has the field points attached to it. The red dot sight helps even more during hunting or target shooting. The arrows quiver comes detached within the package that you can attach to the attachment platform on the crossbow. The tools that are required for assembling the crossbow are all in there in the package alongside the manual that will guide you through the process and give some safety instructions.

Experience with Barnett Jackal crossbow

I waited for about 3 days after placing my order for the crossbow and soon as I received it, I started assembling the crossbow which came out pretty easy. Now the time was to do some target shooting out in the field and I set the target at 50 yards.

The trigger pull took me around 3.5 lbs of force to apply. I sighted in the target with the red dot sight and took a shot. The crossbow came out pretty loud with the delivery of 315 fps velocity but that’s fine is one of the powerful crossbows for deer hunting. I didn’t hit the target at the exact point I was aiming at but I came to know powerful this flagship is.


Barnett jackal is the best hunting crossbow for beginners with high speed, compact and lightweight design, easy to assemble, shoot and is ready to hunt down the large game like Elk, Deer, Bear, Moose or any small hunt.

  • Delivers kinetic energy that is enough for hunting an animal
  • Automated safety
  • Cheap in price
  • Fast and accurate
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Tools for assembling
  • red dot sight

  • Comes without cocking rope

7. Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package Review


If the crossbow is heavy, it means it’s difficult to for anyone to carry around and that’s even a bigger problem women that are at beginner’s level. So introducing the Barnett recruit compound package crossbow which is the perfect match for women that are interested in hunting with a crossbow. Assembling the crossbow is a few steps game and it will take you 15 minutes max to get the crossbow in working condition. So let’s dive into the Barnett recruit compound crossbow package review.


The first thing I would recommend to you guys is to lubricate the cables and the strings before you start using it and after every 5 shot as it’ll keep your crossbow smooth and you would have better shooting experience. Moreover, the crossbow is lightweight, compact and one of the best crossbow designs I have seen.

What does the hunting crossbow offers?

There’s a lot more than the Barnett recruit crossbow is offering which include the 3 arrows quiver with the 20 inches of headhunter bolts, a Barnett riser, and stock, a red dot sight that maintains the accuracy even from 50 yards and a rope cocking device which was missing in the previous hunting crossbow that I reviewed at #6. Moreover, the essential hardware for assembly purpose is all included in the package plus a manual and warranty card.

Experience with Barnett recruit compound crossbow

One of the best crossbows for deer hunting that gave us a great time. I didn’t only use it myself but also one of our team members named as Alice gave it a try. The crossbow was easy to carry for her as it was lightweight.

We set a target for her at 50 yards and the cocking draw weight that was calculated is 130 pounds and uncocking draw weight is 6.5 pounds making the width of the Barnett recruit compound 18 inches with the 12.5 inches of stroke. The shot was taken and velocity went way up to 300 fps as the Barnett crossbows company claimed and is proved.

The flagship was accurate even from 50 yards. Although, she’s not a professional crossbow shooter she did well by hitting so close to the target. A professional woman crossbow shooter can take on a deer with ease.


A fine flagship for women hunters with lightweight, more power and perfect accuracy from long distances. Getting hands on the Barnett recruit compound a best hunting crossbow will be a whole new experience for beginner’s level women that has a hobby of hunting.

  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Safe to use
  • made for women
  • Low draw weight
  • Few steps assembling

  • Low string quality
  • Basic sight
  • Fragile spring for arrow re-tension

8. Killer Instinct Furious 370 FPS


Introducing you to another flagship, the Killer Instant Furious 370 FRT is one fine crossbow for hunting. You probably have noticed the speed in the title, 370 fps, yes the crossbow is that fast. Not just the speed, the crossbow has more to offer which I am going to about mention for you. Let’s dive into it.

Killer Instinct Furious In Depth

The crossbow itself speaks “killer instinct furious” which means it’s powerful enough to hunt a large game in no time making it one bad serial killer. Not because crossbow’s name starts with the killer but because of the high-quality features that it offers.

The first interesting feature of a hunting crossbow that I would like to mention is the Triggertech FRT trigger system that requires 2 pounds to pull. Comes with a mounted 4.32mm scope which includes illumination dots to help you even more in hitting the target. Moreover, the crossbow has a stroke that has 5 points and is collapsible alongside with the foot stirrup that can fold for more convenience. The bow completely smooth and noise-free because of the limp silencer plus the pistol grip along with forearm arm grip that has the finger safety technology.

The Offering Features

The crossbow for deer has even more to offer, an anti dry-fire system, the power stroke of 13.5 inches and the CNC precision rail that is made out of aluminum. Moreover, the overall weight of the crossbow is exactly 7.2 pounds making it light enough for anyone. However, the pull weight is a bit unimpressive with 185 pounds. The length of the crossbow is between 32-34 inches where the width is 14.5 inches making it compact small.

The crossbow might be a bit expensive for some of you who are on a low budget and one most important drawback of the Killer instinct furious 370 FRT crossbow is the vibration problem that I didn’t expect that much high. For that, you can buy a dampening kit on Amazon to solve this problem on your crossbow.


One fine arrow machine built for professional hunters with a high velocity of 370 fps. An attractive, compact and lightweight design that any crossbows lover would expect in a crossbow. A long story short, it’s one of the best crossbows for deer hunting or any other game like Elk, Bear, Buffalo, etc.

  • A powerful arrow machine for the instant hunt
  • All top of the line technologies added
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Illuminated scope
  • Noise-free
  • Vibrates when the shot is taken
  • Isn’t budget-friendly
  • More draw weight

9. Bear X Crossbows Archery Fisix


With new features update the Bear X has stepped up the game to another level. By that I meant, now it’s more powerful than the previous one and is one accurate crossbow for hunting. The flagship has made a great reputation among the best hunting crossbows for deer hunting and now occupied its place in our reviews list.

Game Wint Bear X

With the draw weight of 150 pounds and  112 ft.lb kinetic energy, the crossbow delivers the velocity of 345 fps which categorized the bow in excellent crossbow fray. The Bear X weighs only 9 pounds which is relatively a bit heavy than the other best crossbows for deer hunting, but, it wasn’t at all and I had a great time playing with it. The crossbow supports the power stroke 15.5 inches along with the 22 inches of arrows. The arrows that come within the package are with the 3 arrows quiver that is embedded in the crossbow.

What It Includes

Bear X package includes a red dot sight scope which you won’t find in many other crossbows on the market and yes the scope is accurate and can show a crisp and clear image of a target with zero sights in time. Assembling the crossbow is a part, sure some of you might be thinking that I am a beginner, I know nothing about the crossbow but thanks to the user manual that the Barnett, one of the best crossbows company provides with every best crossbows accessory that they manufacture.

Mini Test

As soon as the crossbow gets assembled you would have one best hunting crossbow in your hands as I had and you are ready to take on any prey right away. After that, it was time to go out in the fields and do some target shooting with Bear X. Marking a tree was a better option for testing. Cocking this compound crossbow was a real struggle and there wouldn’t be any problem for a strong person.

Sighting in the target was another fun part and as long as I was done with it I took a shot. The crossbow had the exact velocity that the Bear X crossbows company claimed and the arrow went right through. I missed the marked point but that wasn’t a problem. The whole point was to know how powerful this hunting crossbow was and yes the Bear X proved itself to be one of the best crossbows for deer hunting.

Mini Verdict

A powerful weapon for hunting down any prey in a matter of seconds with the no doubtful velocity and accuracy. The crossbow has everything that you need for hunting.

  • Fast speed
  • Perfect accuracy
  • Arrows quiver
  • High-quality scope
  • Take precise shots
  • Perfect design

  • Relatively heavy
  • Isn’t easy to cock

10. Barnett Whitetail Pro Crossbow


Welcome to our last hunting crossbow review on our list. The Barnett Whitetail Pro is designed for any game hunt like rabbits, squirrel, fox, Elk, Deer, Buffalo, etc with the velocity of 400 fps. It’s one fine weapon that has lightweight. It helps in carrying around in the fields without getting you exhausted. So without having a general talk about the Barnett Whitetail Pro crossbow, let’s get into the real stuff.

Promising Claims

The crossbow claims for having the kinetic energy of 109 ft.lbs which results in the speed of 400 fps and that concludes that the Barnett whitetail pro STR crossbow is the powerful one and has the capability of taking on any game right away. Comes with a mounted Multi-Reticle scope having the range of 4x32mm with the perfect accuracy even from 60 yards. Moreover, the three arrows quiver is made for holding the 3 20 inches of arrows. But there I found one small problem which is that the arrows are a bit hard to take out of the quiver, you need to pull them with much force.

The Assembling Guide

The hunting crossbow doesn’t come fully assembled in the package. Some of you might be thinking it would be hard to fix everything but it’s remarkably easy and simple to assemble the crossbow. For that, I would like to thank Barnett for providing the instructions manual with the hunting crossbow package. The overall width of one of the best crossbows for deer hunting is approx 22 inches with a length of 35.75 inches and weighs only 7 pounds. However, the draw weight is a bit unimpressive needing the 160 pounds of force.


One of the best crossbows for deer hunting with the lightweight design. The higher velocity of 400 fps, compact and attractive and most important, carrying around this bad boy out in the fields is a piece of cake. In short, if you got the urge for hunting and decided to buy a new hunting crossbow. Then the Barnett Whitetail Pro STR is the best choice to make right now.

  • Speedy and powerful crossbow
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Best for all game hunts
  • More kinetic energy
  • Mounted with a multi reticle scope

  • Louder and vibrates on each shot
  • Doesn’t offer any rope cocking device
  • Retrieving arrows from the quiver is a difficult tasks

Don’t forget to add the strings silencer and dampening system to avoid noise and vibrations.

Deer Hunting Crossbows Buyer’s Guide

There are some of the main factors that matter a lot in a crossbow.

  • The crossbows’ draw weight.
  • The Velocity of a crossbow.
  • The mounted scope on a crossbow.

The best crossbow for hunting must have these factors at its best. So, that the crossbow is satisfactory for hunting down any game. The crossbow accessories that come in the package are also important. As low-quality cocking rope and strings as having a low quality of any of these might get you in trouble. Let’s discuss the main factors that I mentioned above in detail.

Draw weight

There’s nothing with the crossbow the requires more draw weight before flying the arrow. As long as you are strong enough to pull, you’re good to go. In-fact crossbows with the more draw weight have more speed. As a result, you would be able to hunt down any large game in minutes. The crossbows that we recommend are the ones with the draw weight between 80 to 190 pounds.


It’s an important factor for any hunter to have a crossbow with a faster speed. The faster speed means the crossbow should be able to fly an arrow. Of course, from long distances and still hits the target. The recommended maximum speed that the hunting crossbows should have is 300. And less than that should be used for practicing or target shooting.


It’s important that how mounted scope on the crossbow is accurate and sight in the prey. Some crossbow scopes need more time to sight in a target which is not recommended by us. The scope should always be on top of the line if you want to happy hunting. Here some of the best crossbow scopes that we reviewed recently.


There you have the list of best crossbows for deer hunting. Having all the details for choosing the best crossbow before going out there in the fields and start hunting. Ravin 20 is the one that made us more impressive than the other crossbows in the list. As it was powerful, accurate, fully assembled and pre-tuned as we did unboxing straight away. We added the best budget crossbows that anyone can and also the expensive once for professional hunters. It was fun creating the crossbows list in months. Now it’s your turn to give your feedback and let us know which crossbow is your favorite one. Peace..! 🙂

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  • Hello,
    Being newbie at crossbows, this article/review provided me with valuable insight on what to look for/take into consideration in my first purchase of a crossbow for deer hunting… or Zombie Apocalypse… LOL… sorry… had to do it.
    My brother-in-law is an avid compound bow hunter. Said he knows little to none in regards to crossbows but is willing to give a crossbow a shot… when I buy one.
    So, thanks again… greatly appreciated.

  • thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this summary, it really helps us newbies when it comes time to purchase a product. so that being said I bought the center point sniper 370, not just because of price but all that this package has to offer. I cant say enough how much I enjoy shooting this slick machine and hope to fill my white tail tags his coming fall. Thanks again.