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Best Crossbow In 2021: (Deer Hunting With Silence)

best crossbow reviews and buyers guide“Target shooting or Hunting with the best crossbow is always fun” right?

It’s not like you can’t hunt with a gun. Of course, you can. But is it more stylish than shooting with a crossbow? I am sure the answer would be a big no. You would experience the difference when your crossbow silently hunts a deer or any other targeting thing.

Target shooting or hunting with the best crossbow can improve a person’s shooting experience. And when your weapon is silent while you hunt in the woods, you miss nothing at all.

But there is one more thing which is common. Picking one crossbow from many crossbows is hard. Isn’t it?

It’s human nature. We can’t pick one thing from many things. The question that comes to our mind is that “which one is the best for me”.

That’s why I have compiled a list of best and fastest crossbows that you can experience for hunting.

Best Crossbow Reviews 2021

All kinds of fastest crossbows are available in 2021. Some are cheap and some are expensive. I am not wrong if I say “good things are expensive”. Some of these crossbows are expensive but they are worth it. It’s not only the pulling mechanism of the crossbow. The shooting range, velocity, and the various calibers also matter.

Every single detail about crossbows is added to the list. The reason why I did that? So that people who are new to this can have a better idea about these crossbows. You can select the crossbow from the list that suits you better. It’s up to you.

If you don’t want to read all of the reviews, I recommend these two best crossbows to save your time.
These crossbows are compact, fast and have a lightweight design. Crossbows have all the qualities that you need.

1. Barnett Ghost 410 CTR Crossbow Review

Barnett Ghost 410 CTR Crossbow

Mini Verdict

Some of the updates are coming on this one from Barnett as it is a bit faster than the previous release by Barrnet. The most amazing parts are the release of kinetic energy and lightweight.


Barnett ghost 410, the best crossbow on the market. It’s not that expensive and also not cheap but Guess what? It is capable of shooting an arrow with a velocity of 410 fps. (1.5% faster than its previous edition)
Some other questions may come into your mind.

Is it good for hunting?

The Barnett ghost 10 CTR is specially designed for hunting. It takes down the target with double energy. Delivered kinetic energy is (150 ft-lbs) so it’s the best crossbow for hunting.

Is it good for carrying around?

Most of the crossbows are heavy weighted but this bow’s material (carbon CRT) makes this one super light. As compare to other Barnett bows launched before it is 43% lighter. (8 lbs)

As all of the features of the crossbow are not yet explained co let’s have a look at them.

  • Mounted scope with dot illumination (red/green). You can easily turn off or turn on dot illumination with a button.
  • The weight of the crossbow is exactly 7.9 pounds which is lighter and is easy to carry around while target shooting or hunting. The draw weight of Barnett ghost 410 is 185 pounds.
  • The bow uses 22-inches arrows.
  • Shooting velocity of the bow is 410 ft/sec
  • The power stroke of 15.4 inches. It delivers 150 ft/lbs of kinetic energy.
  • Anti-dry fire safety. In the case of dry firing, the anti-dry fire safety helps in preventing the damage to crossbow.

These features make the Barnett ghost 410 the best hunting crossbow.
The only problem this crossbow has is that there is no dampening system in the crossbow which makes it noisy.

Final Verdict

The reason why I mentioned the Barnett ghost 410 at the beginning because it’s my favorite. Doesn’t matter if a person is new to this or is experienced. Barnett ghost 10 is the best choice for everyone. And hereby saying for everyone I mean if someone wants to learn hunting with a crossbow. This one would enhance the experience to the next level in a short period.

  • The bow is 1.5% faster than previous Barnett crossbows.
  • hoots an arrow with the velocity of 410 ft/sec
  • Delivered kinetic energy is 150 ft/lbs.
  • Lightweight.
  • Great accuracy (can take down the target from 60 yards)
  • Dampening system is not included which makes it noisy.

2. Ravin R10 Predator Crossbow Review

Ravin R10 Predator Camo

Mini Verdict

Let me tell in very brief about Ravin R9 Predator Crossbow would hurt your bank account as its expensive one on the list. It is coming with a max speed of 390fps.


Well, fellas being a hunter and spare time for hunting in woods is great fun. if someone did not enjoy it I would suggest giving a try. Ravin R9 Predator Crossbow is a silent riffle to aim and shoot your target. After reading this review you would become familiar with this kind of hunting stuff is super cool.

Ravin predator r9, I must say this one is the badass. No doubt, as compared to other crossbows in the market this one is expensive. Now you may be wondering “why is it so expensive”.


It’s one of the fastest crossbows with a speed of 390 ft./sec which makes it a beast. Carrying around heavy crossbow is a headache. The compact, narrow and sniper-like design of Ravin r9 makes it one of the lightest crossbows on the market.

Let’s find out the features of this crossbow that you can buy in 2021

  • The speed of Ravin R15 crossbow is 390 feet per second.
  • The crossbow uses 13 inch of power stroke which is capable of producing 160 ft./lbs of kinetic energy
  • Its draw force is 10 lbs.
  • Weighs only 6.9 lbs and its draw weight are 195 lbs
  • Let’s find out its axle-axle width (6 inches when cocked and 10.5 inches when un-cocked).
  • HeliCoil technology – it has downrange accuracy like a rifle with level cams for more power and speed

As we know the more the draw weight the more an arrow goes fast. This crossbow has more draw weight so a user may have a bit problem when pulling it.  if you don’t like crossbows with more draw weight I don’t recommend this one to buy. if you’re looking for the fastest crossbow then I recommend buying this one.

Well, it’s not as fast as Ravin R15 (425 ft./sec) but still one of the fastest crossbows.

Final Verdict

It is purely designed for healthy guys as it has strong draw weight and would need more force when you pull it. But including draw weight, you would have the fastest crossbow to experience hunting. If you want to have a super fast and cool one among the others I would suggest this one. Although, no one would love to carry a heavy crossbow during hunting in the woods for having something good you need to carry this one.

  • Compact and narrow design.
  • The extreme speed of 390 fps makes the arrow more efficient.
  • Helicoil technology, Powerful, Delivers kinetic energy of 135 ft./lbs.
  • Light weight.
  • It uses branded arrows.
  • It’s expensive compared to others.
  • The front is a bit heavy.

3. Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow Review

Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow

Mini Verdict

As most of the guys would aware of the brand name Tenpoint for its expensive products. Carbon Nitro RDX is a reverse draw crossbow. The fast and lightweight with a cool and attractive design.


As quality matters and a crossbow with best features isn’t cheap. Tenpoint’s company is known for manufacturing expensive crossbows with awesome features. Carbon Nitro RDX, though, is one of the best reverse draw bows in the market with a speed of 385 feet per second.

Carbon Nitro RDX is the fastest and one of the best Tenpoint crossbows. The bow shoots a target even if it’s 20-50 yards far. The bow weighs exactly 7.8 pounds and balances perfectly when shouldered for a shot.

The best part of carbon Nitro RDX

1.5X-5X-30mm scope(range master pro) with illumination dots. The illumination dot helps a user to aim at the target from 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards.

Let’s talk about the cocked and un-cocked width of Carbon Nitro RDX: The bow looks 15 inches wide when it’s cocked and 20.5 inches wide from both outer cam edges when un-cocked.

Without further talking let’s get straight into other Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX crossbow features

  • The crossbow has a lightweight of 7.8 pounds and draws weight of 165 pounds
  • If we talk about the crossbow’s material then it’s a composition of carbon and glass
  • The bow is capable of shooting an arrow with a velocity of 385 feet per second
  • Machined riser made of aluminum
  • Uses power stroke of 16.5 inches which delivers 122 ft./lbs of kinetic energy.
  • The crossbow length is 34.25 inches and axle to axle width is 15.5 inches when cocked and 10 inches when un-cocked.
  • The crossbow comes with 6 pro elite carbon arrows
  • The trigger pull weight is 3.5 lbs
  • Accudraw cocking mechanism included

As some of you were asking why I didn’t include expensive crossbow Horton Storm RDX to our list?
It’s not like this bow doesn’t have good features. Of course, it has but there are also some of the Horton storm RDX problems. One of the common problems is:

It has a heavyweight of 10.56 pounds. (5 kilograms). Carrying around this bow wouldn’t be easy. If you don’t like heavyweight crossbows this one is not for you.

Final Verdict

You may be thinking “Is there only expensive crossbows in this list”? No there isn’t. I also added some of the affordable crossbows to our list that you can buy in 2021 and onward.  But this one is not the cheap crossbow. Your bank account would be hurt by this purchase. As it would give you a quality of hunting experience with a lightweight and classical design. Easy to carry and handle. Let’s get straight into some of the low expense crossbows after this one.

  • 1.5x-5x-30mm range master pro scope
  • The bow has a lightweight and is easy to carry around
  • Balanced when shouldered.
  • More Powerful – best for large game hunting and target shooting
  • Ease of use
  • More expensive than other crossbows

4. Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro Crossbow Review

Barnett 78134 Recruit Tactical Compound Crossbow

Mini Verdict

A compact and lightweight crossbow from Barnett on the list. It is powerful with strong energy for enhancing your hunting experience. What else you need when your crossbow is fast enough to compete with your gun? I guess crossbow is the smartest way to hunt. The most important part is hunting with silence.


Whitetail hunter pro, best one from Barnett with amazing features. I must say Barnett engineers must have worked hard on this compound crossbow. Shooting range, sturdiness, and lightweight are few of the things that hunter look for in crossbow. Whitetail hunter pro has it all at its best.

Cool Stuff Onboard

Barnett whitetail hunter pro includes string dampeners which makes it noise-free when shooting a target, it also comes with bristle brush retainer, inlaid aluminum rail, and custom laminated limbs.
These may seem to you the basic features of the crossbow. Don’t worry there’s more to come. I would like to make it short.

The bow offers 4×32 power scope which makes it easy to get a target in the range. It comes with a rope cocking device and also includes the trigger tech trigger. The package also includes two 20 inch headhunter arrows and lubwax.

Range, Speed, And Weight

“We’re not done yet” as the range, speed, and weight of the bow are not clear yet in Barnett whitetail hunter pro review. Let me make that clear too.

  • The crossbow has a power stroke of 12.5 inches with 115 ft./lbs of kinetic energy. The speed of 380 fps makes this compound crossbow fast.
  • The bow is compact and weighs only 6.4 pounds with the draw weight of 160 pounds.
  • >The bow’s axle to axle width is 16.125 inches.

If we compare whitetail hunter pro and RapatorFx3 pro crossbows, they are almost the same. The only difference that I found in them is their ammo.

To prevent any damage to the crossbow I strongly recommend to apply wax to the strings after every 10 shots.

Final Verdict

Overall this bow is extremely lightweight and compact which makes it easy to carry. It’s one of the fastest crossbows on the market. Well, in short, I must say it’s a good ally to a hunter. The crossbow is the best choice for large game hunting. Try it and you’ll know what this crossbow is capable of.

  • Compact and lightweight crossbow. Easy to carry
  • Affordable compound crossbow in the market that fulfills the user needs
  • Powerful- the energy of 115 ft./lb
  • It comes with a triggertech trigger with zero creeps
  • Noise-free
  • Easy to use
  • No disadvantages observed so far

5. Carbon Express Intercept Supercoil Crossbow Review

Carbon Express Intercept Supercoil Crossbow

Mini Verdict

The best one with the outstanding design with more specific options and customize features from Carbon Express. The AR-Style components are enabling you to customize almost every single thing. Complete customization on your well would make it according to your preferences.


When it comes to design, I think no other crossbow can beat this one. It’s compact and lightweight design makes it one of the best crossbows in our list with more specific options which makes it more attractive to a user. You can customize everything according to your needs as the bow comes with almost everything customizable with AR-styles components.

Well, its accuracy is quite awesome. Its accuracy remains the same when shooting a target from 25-50 yards. But the accuracy drops a bit when shooting a target from 75 yards as the scope works perfectly only at 50 yards distance.

The average crossbow can cover 300 feet per second. Carbon express intercept supercoil can cover 360 feet per second which is more than the speed of an average crossbow. The bow is capable of delivering the kinetic energy of 122 ft./lbs which is more the kinetic energy of an average crossbow(80 ft/lbs).

Specs And Features

Let’s look at some of the Carbon Express intercept supercoil specs and features.

  • It comes with the 13.5 power stroke which can deliver a great amount of kinetic energy. 360 feet per seconds of velocity makes it one of the fastest crossbows.
  • The bow has a length of 31.25 inches with the lightweight of only 7.8 pounds. The crossbow’s draw weight is 175 pounds.
  • It comes with 3 20” arrows with an arrow quiver which can hold 3 arrows.
  • The bow kit includes 4×32 deluxe lighted scope and kryptek Typhon cam which is best for ground blind hunting.
  • It comes with rope cocker so cocking this bad boy is pretty easy and looks only 13.5 inches wide when it’s cocked.
  • Includes dry-fire safety – helps in preventing the damage to the crossbow when you pull the trigger without an arrow in the bow.

The only problem with this crossbow is that its setup takes long as almost everything is customizable.

Also, check out carbon express intercept axon crossbow you may like it but it’s a bit expensive.

Final Verdict

Overall, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that this crossbow is just phenomenal. It’s fast, powerful, lightweight and compact. If you’re looking for a hunting crossbow or target shooting that also offers some awesome features which can fulfill your needs, I think this one is the best choice for you.

  • The outstanding design
  • Unbeatable
  • Attractive and effective
  • Super Cool accuracy
  • We could not observe any point against it

6. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow Review

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow

Mini Verdict

Barnett is making some of the spectacularly fast and value crossbows. This one is the most effective and efficient performer. It is capable of producing kinetic energy during the practice and real hunting game.


So far as I know Barnett, they always manufacture effective and efficient crossbows. This Barnett crossbow is one of my own favorites as it has outstanding results. The best one which is powerful, fast, light weighted and compact in structure. Whitetail hunter II covers all these things.

Barnett whitetail hunter specs

Whitetail hunter II can shoot an arrow with a speed of 350 fps. Moreover, its draw weight is 150 pounds and is capable of producing kinetic energy of 103 ft./lbs. The bow comes with 4×32 power scope and Realtree extra ammo. The triggertech trigger with zero creeps is an interesting part of this crossbow.

Crossbow design

It is coming with a lightweight body of only 6.4 pounds. The compact design makes it one of the appealing crossbows in the firearms market. If we talk about the crossbow dimensions then it’s 34.25 inches in length and 18.25 inches in width.

To maintain the performance of the crossbow the manufacturers also included the lube wax in the package. After every 10 shots wax should be applied to the crossbow to prevent any damage and performance issues.
You don’t need to waste time setting it up. The crossbow comes ready to go in the box.

As like some other crossbows in our list, this crossbow comes without dampening system so it is a bit noisy.

Final Verdict

The crossbow is one of the affordable crossbows in our list with lightweight and compact design. The bow is powerful, fast and easy to carry crossbow especially when you experience it for deer hunting. The most efficient and effective one with the production of kinetic energy and the fastest among the list. You would find lube wax as the maker include it for better performance.

  • Good accuracy.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Affordable and nice features.
  • Dampening system is not included.

7. Centerpoint sniper 370 crossbow Review

CenterPoint Sniper 370- Crossbow

Mini Verdict

Well, guys, you would love to hear that this one would not hurt your pocket or bank account. You would get the great features and specs package at low expense. The Centerpoint is making some cheap expense quality stuff.


Sniper 370 crossbow, another best crossbow in our list with best features at a good price. Most of the crossbows are expensive and also don’t offer the satisfactory speed that a user wants. Sniper 370 crossbow specs beat those letdowns. The crossbow gave satisfactory results.

Let’s get straight into Sniper 370 Crossbow Review.

The crossbow has a fast speed of 370 fps which makes it one of the bad boys on our list. The crossbow offers the power stroke of 13.5 inches with the draw weight of 185 pounds.

You may be thinking about its weight and length, well it’s not heavy and long enough to carry. The crossbow weighs only 7.9 pounds and is 36.5 inches long.

Moreover, it comes with 3 20 inch carbon arrows and 4x32mm illumination dots scope. A rope cocker is included which makes the crossbow easy to cock.

The package includes an arrow quiver that can hold 4 arrows. Carrying the crossbow in hands may be a headache for you, no problem the package also includes a shoulder sling.

If you’re new to crossbows then assembling this crossbow won’t be an easy job for you. You need to approach a professional to assemble it for you.

Final Verdict

The bow is cheap and also offers awesome features. Overall, this crossbow is powerful, fast, accurate, and light-weighted. It balances perfectly when shouldered for a shot. I must say this is the best crossbow for deer hunting, elk hunting, and bear hunting.

  • Fast – Firing velocity of 370fps.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Adjustable forearm and tactical stock
  • A bit heavy in the front.
  • Instruction isn’t clear but understandable.
  • Tactical stock is weak.

8. Barnett Jackal Package Review

Barnett Jackal Crossbow

Mini Verdict

The beginners can enhance their experience by playing hunting on this one from Barnett. The powerful and fast crossbow, extremely easy to carry due to its lightweight. And the usage is really easy and simple.


If you’re a beginner and looking for a crossbow, I think there isn’t the best choice out in the market than Barnett Jackal. This crossbow is specially designed for people who are new to this game.

Assembling this crossbow isn’t a hard job for you if you’re at a beginner level. It will take just a few minutes of your time.


  • The crossbow has 315 fps of speed with the maximum kinetic energy of 88 ft./lbs.
  • It’s extremely lightweight (7.7 pounds) and has a compact design. The draw weight of the crossbow is 150 ft./lbs.
  • It comes with dot illumination scope and ADF trigger system.

The only let downs for this crossbow is that it’s noisy because the dampening system is missing. The package doesn’t include broadheads. There are many places where you can get them.

Final Verdict

The crossbow is the best choice for beginners. This crossbow offers great features in 300 bucks. The bow is powerful, lightweight and compact. As soon when you get the broadheads you can do target shooting or even if you want to go hunting, you can do that too.

  • Includes scope with illumination dots for perfect accuracy.
  • Powerful and fast.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use and easy to carry.
  • Comes without rope cocker.
  • A bit noisy.

9. CenterPoint Sniper 370- Crossbow

CenterPoint AXCS185BK Sniper 370 Crossbow

Mini Verdict

If you want a cheap one with fast arrow throwing capabilities, I would suggest and recommend this one from Arrow Precision. You should keep in mind that this one’s quality is not a leading one.


This is one of the cheapest crossbows on the market. Being honest, this crossbow has not the best quality but is good for target shooting and small game hunting.

For Whom It Is Best

This crossbow is for those who are just the beginners and looking for low price crossbow for practice. If you ask me can I use it for hunting? Yes, you can but the crossbow is too slow, don’t use it for big game hunting, It won’t work.

The Specs And Features

Only use it for small hunts. Moreover, you can also do target shooting with it for practice. But still, if you’re not that far from a large game(20-30 yards) you can hunt it down with it.

Weighs 4.8 pounds only with the draw weight of 175 pounds. An arrow covers an area of 235 feet per second. The crossbow has rope cocker and one free extra string which is great. It also has the anti-dry fire safety. The crossbow includes the power stroke of 10.5 inches and also comes with the scope.

Final Verdict

Overall I think this is the best crossbow under 200 bucks. It’s not that fast but still good for practice. It was extremely lightweight and compact army design. I think if you’re getting into crossbows this one is the perfect choice for beginner level.

  • The lightweight of 4.8 pounds only
  • Cheap and fast.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Easy to use.
  • Includes 1 year warrantee.
  • The package includes low quality arrows.
  • Good for small game hunting (very slow).

10. Tenpoint Titan SS Crossbow

TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow

Mini Verdict

The small frame hunters would love to play hunting on this crossbow from Barnett. So far the best compound crossbow for women on the list.


The last crossbow that I reviewed in our list is Barnett recruit. You’ll find a few crossbows like this in the market. The bow is specially designed for small-framed hunters or I should say this is one of the best compound crossbows for women.

The bow is cheap and also provides some of the features that the best crossbow can provide. If you’re looking for a crossbow for target shooting I think this one is a good choice.

Specs And Features

Let’s talk about some Barnett recruit crossbow specs and features. The crossbow shoots an arrow with a maximum speed of 300 FPS and has an extremely lightweight of 6.5 pounds. The bow’s draw weight is only 130 pounds and has a length of 34.25 inches which is the perfect size for women.

It has a great power stroke of 12.5 inches. As almost every Barnett crossbow comes with the quiver, this one also comes with a quiver that can hold 3 arrows. Rope cocking device and red dot sight which are two other great features in the crossbow.

This crossbow offers only 3 arrows. According to my views, I think they should have offered 4 or 5 arrows. Its string is also not of good quality. They should also have added the green dot along with red dot as the crossbow has only red dot sight.

Final Verdict

The crossbow is best for target shooting and big game hunting. It’s the best one which is giving awesome features under 200 bucks. Its compact and lightweight design makes it even more appealing. You should clear yourself about the string low quality on this crossbow.

  • Rope cocker is included.
  • It has a perfect weight and size.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Red dot sight only.
  • Low-quality string.
  • Only 3 arrows

11. Ravin R15 Review

Ravin R15 Predator Crossbow

Mini Verdict

The amazing speed on this crossbow is making it the most powerful and fastest crossbow released by Barnett. And of course, it is a reason for its high rating among the others out there in the market.


This is probably the most top-rated crossbow with a speed of 425 fps. I mean look at it, isn’t this a monster? I have used and reviewed it’s elder brother Ravin r9 at #2. The #10 was our last one but I couldn’t stop myself to use and give you its quick review and I must say this one is on another level. Anyhow, let’s get into the review.


Let’s start with its design. The Ravin r15 comes with a compact(6 inches axle to axle when cocked and 10.5 inches when uncocked) and unique design and weighs only 6.9lbs that makes easy to carry around during a big game hunt.

As the crossbow is strong enough to hunt down a big game so it must has more cocking draw weight. The same is the case here, Ravin R15 has a draw weight of 195lbs which is a way greater number than all of the above best crossbows that I reviewed. Moreover, it has a fully integrated cocking device which is another plus point for this crossbow.

It also comes with 13 inches stroke along with helicoil technology and awesome downrange accuracy. The cocking mechanism isn’t that hard. All you need is apply around 12 pounds of force. Moreover, it hits the arrows with more efficiency.

Final Verdict

The only let downs for this crossbow are that it comes with branded arrows and is way more expensive than the crossbows that I reviewed before. It is the top raked by a high rating in the market of crossbows. The intro of helicoil tech is an amazing value addition. The fully integrating reloading is super cool.

  • The fastest crossbow that I have ever used.
  • Compact and unique design.
  • lightweight.
  • Branded arrows.
  • Expensive.

The Best Crossbow 2021 Buyer’s Guide

The crossbows guide is written by Matthew Perry to provide you best information about crossbows that you can buy. It took him 1 month to test some of the crossbows and write every single detail about the crossbows.

If we missed anything we encourage you to comment in the comment box so that we can also add that too into our guide. Your help will be appreciated.

Some Of The Tips You Should Follow

  • we strongly recommend applying lubricant(wax) to the crossbow before going for a hunt or target shooting for best performance.
  • Avoid dry firing with a crossbow which does not include dry fire safety.
  • If you’re a beginner, do not load your crossbow when there are people around. You might hurt someone or yourself.

Why Barnett Ghost 410 Crossbow Became Our Editor’s Choice

The reason Barnett ghost 410 is our editor’s choice is that of its speed and price. We did proper research on so-called all the crossbows with a good reputation, but we didn’t find a crossbow that offers outstanding features at a good price.

As we mentioned earlier in our crossbows reviews list, Barnett ghost 410 is lightweight, fast, and has a good price. Moreover, it also offers the best scope with illumination dots. Its cocking mechanism is and works best for the big game hunt. However, the dampening system is not included.

But overall it’s a good choice whether you’re a beginner’s level or a professional. Barnett ghost 410 works at its best for all.

Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts with us down there in the comment box. You may like our other best buyer’s guides and reviews.

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